My Higher Self: How Not to Give Away Your Power!

PowerEvery time you do something that someone wants you to do that you are not comfortable doing, you are giving away your power to that person.  You are letting that person control you.  Nobody can control you.  Nobody can tell you what you should do (or not do) or how you should feel (or not feel). Nobody owns you.

This includes institutions, like organized religions.  Do not be forced into doing something due to fear.  Fear is such a low energy resonance.  Fearing something will cause that something to manifest in your life, as the energies are now at a point where your manifestations will begin to quickly create your conscious reality.

Thus, be very, very careful with your thoughts at these times.  Never do anything because someone is pressuring you to do something if it does not feel right to you.  You are the creator of your life.  You manifest what is in your life and in your reality.  You are responsible for your life and the choices that you make that will give you the experiences from those choices.

There are never any bad choices.  Your choices only give you the experience from that choice, and the resulting lessons.  These experiences and how you deal with these experiences will then help you grow and develop your soul.  Some choices will remove karma for you and some choices will cause you to incur karma.

There is never any judgment or criticism or shame by Mother / Father God on the choices you make.  Likewise, you should never feel bad about any choice you make or allow someone else to make you feel bad.  You are all here to learn.  Every choice is a lesson for you to learn from.  Never feel guilty or have low self-worth because of the choice you have made, regardless of whether you feel it was a good or bad choice.

Be careful of people who try to make you feel bad or guilty or ashamed of the choices you have made.  They are judging and criticizing you which is wrong.  They do not walk in your shoes and they are not experiencing and living your life.  No two experiences are ever the same.  Giving away your power to someone is something that you should never do.

People and institutions do this through fear.  They try to make you believe that if you do not do something (or do something) that you are a bad person or that God will punish you.  God never punishes.  GOD IS LOVE!  Period.  God will never punish you for doing something or not doing something.  God loves each of you so much, regardless of your perceived indiscretions.

Remember that Earth is a learning school to develop and grow your soul.  You do not learn how to ride a bicycle before falling down a few times.  Falling down is part of learning and when you fall down, you get back up and try again.  The same is true with the choices you make and the experiences from those choices.

If you drive a car drunk and get arrested, you will hopefully learn that it is not a good idea to drink and drive.  The experience was drinking and driving and the lesson was to not do it again due to the arrest.  There was no bad choice made.  All that there would be is karma buildup that you may have to repay if the choice you make is a choice that affects others negatively with your decisions.   All karma must be paid back and balanced out equally.

Always have the best positive and loving intentions with all of your thoughts and deeds.  Never wish anything bad on anyone.  Never say bad things about anyone.  Never, ever try to get revenge on anyone, regardless of what that person may have done to you or your loved ones.  This just creates more karma for you.

If someone is forcing you to do things or not do things, you will know how you feel about this.  You will have a gut feeling, and you will feel whether this is right.  Always go with your feelings and always go with what your heart is telling you to do.  Do not be pressured by others or institutions to do things that do not feel good or resonate well with you.  Doing so gives away your power.

You do not need to do this and you should not do this.  It is time to stand up strong in your light and break away from the control that others have had on you in your life.  Again, nobody has any control over you with respect to what you should be doing or feeling.  You are the sole decision maker of your life.  You make the choices for yourself and you live with the choices that you made.

You decide what you want to do.  You decide the experiences from those choices.  How you feel from the choices that you make should give you an indication as to the lesson that is learned from that choice.  So do not let others control you in any way.  Do not feel pressured into doing anything you do not feel like doing just because someone is telling you to do this.

Do not do things out of fear and do not feel guilty from any decisions you make.  Learn the lessons that are provided to you from the experiences from the choices you make.  Remember that you are manifesting your reality much quicker and this will increase even more with the upcoming eclipse at the end of the month.

So do what you want to do and make choices that you want to make and avoid people and institutions who are controlling you.  Their power is removed once you stand your ground and not allow them to control you.  You are masters of your reality and loved so much by God as you are all part of the Oneness, the Christ Consciousness, the consciousness of Love!  So stay in love and stay true to your own choices, not someone else’s choices for you.


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  1. This article is ridiculous.

    Andrew – to use your sentence “If you drive a car drunk and get arrested, you will hopefully learn that it is not a good idea to drink and drive.” Change that sentence to “If you drive a car drunk and kill someone, you will hopefully learn……..” ???? Please finish that sentence.

    How about this one: “Always go with your feelings and always go with what your heart is telling you to do. Do not be pressured by others or institutions to do things that do not feel good or resonate well with you.” …I don’t feel like waking up and going to work everyday, but because I want to eat I do it anyway.



    1. Rachel, thank you for your comments…I would say that the same lesson is there whether you get arrested or kill someone by drinking and driving…to answer your question, I would say “If you drive a car drunk and kill someone, you will hopefully learn that it is not a good idea to drink and drive.’ The lesson is still the same but the punishment is harsher…don’t drink and drive…the point is, you made a bad choice with you your free will. You decided how to use this energy with this choice. If you kill someone in the process of drinking and driving, you will go to jail…If you do not kill someone, you will get arrested. This article is not about drinking or driving.

      You create your reality by your thoughts and feelings and your emotions…everything is a mirror being projected back to you…your perception of me is a reflection of you…if you feel you need gun to protect yourself because you are scared, that gun will be used as you are drawing to you with your fears…If my article does not resonate with you, feel free to discern it and not read any more articles…you have the right and free will to accept what you would like to take into your consciousness…Sending you love and many blessings…


  2. Hahaha….I love this picture a lot especially this kid’s “own power” expression! I love this super-cute analogy! I love the way he shows that he is “strong” no matter how small he looks! It made my day~ XD


  3. this is welcomed by me at this time, so resonating with it. Thank you Andy for all you do and bring, for it is truth from your heart and that makes it so priceless. Love and blessings


  4. Dear Aendrew!!!
    Thank you soooo much for your messages.I have great joy reading them and the are very helpful in many ways.
    Love,Joy and Peace be with you always.


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