My Higher Self: Do You Want To Be Right Or Happy?

HappyYour ego is very powerful.  Every person has an ego.  Some have big egos and some have smaller egos.  Your ego wants you to make you feel that you are right and others are wrong with respect to discussions that you may have.

You do not need to right in your discussions with others.  This creates arguments which may eventually lead to hurt feelings, isolation, separation, and eventually war.  There may be war on a small-scale, like between friends and family members.

And there is war between countries as well.  Ego is what causes wars.  It is the need to be right and the stubbornness to give in that causes this separation and conflict.  Disagreements will cause not only separation, but also name calling and hurt feelings that will linger inside which eventually get suppressed subconsciously causing emotional pain on the inside.

That pain is now coming up to the surface to be released.  This pain may be from this lifetime or past lifetimes, or both.  It needs to be released now, all of it.  Please let go of any feelings that you have with wanting or needing to be right.  This is especially true even though you may feel that you are right and the other person is wrong.  You can be right or you can be happy.

You can seldom be both.  Choose to be happy.  Let go of being right.  This will disarm your ego.  When you disarm your ego, you will remove conflict from your relationships and there will be no disagreements or dissension or separation.  Take the high road.  This way your ego will not force you in any bad direction, typically of making other people in your conversation to feel that they are not correct.  Do not be angry or hostile towards others in your conversations.

This does not help.  You will not be happy and will most likely pick up unnecessary karma for yourself.  What good will it do to prove your point that you are right and someone is wrong?  You may be right, but will you be happy knowing that the other person is now upset?  That other person will feel deflated as if they have lost.

If something is very important that you need to stand by, then by all means stand by your point.  For example if someone is abusing you mentally, you do not want to tell them that they are right.  You probably need to end that relationship.  In these times you will know who you resonate with and those people who you do not resonate with will probably drop off from your life.

There are no losers as losing creates separation.   We are all One.  It creates the perception that one is right and one is wrong.  Do not be angry in your discussions with others. Do not be bitter with your discussions with others.  This is not a contest of who is right and who is not right.

This is not a fight of who can yell the loudest and overcome the other with their words.  Do not have any resentment towards others and always be loving in your discussions with others no matter how mad or frustrated they seem to make you with their comments.

Laugh it off and just move on.  It is not worth your happiness.  You want to be happy as happiness is a higher frequency vibration.   Whenever you are in any discussion with someone and you feel an argument coming on, ask yourself whether you want to be right or whether you want to be happy.  Is it really worth it to you to be right, to prove your point that you are right and that the other person is wrong?  You should pick being happy.

Watch what happens when you agree with the other person and just smile at them, even though they may be wrong.  Practice saying with a smile “Sure, you are right, I agree.” You are showing your strength by transcending your ego.  You are choosing kindness, compassion and showing the ego that you are no longer a slave to it.  The other person will feel so much better by you agreeing with them on their point.

They may even seem confused as their ego was bracing itself for a fight.  And now you swallowed both egos with your love and compassion.  This is not an easy thing to do, to stay calm, and centered and balanced when the other person is going off on you and looking for an argument.  Or it just drives you crazy knowing that they are so wrong.  But just let it go, tell them you agree.

Take the high road and have the satisfaction that you have just checked their ego at the door.  You have just shined your light tremendously by your actions of choosing not to be right and choosing to be happy.  In fact, when you do this, you will be good at it and you will see so many less arguments in your life.  You will see that you have more friends in your life.

And you may see these people change in respect to your views as you have changed in relation to theirs, based on their perceptions.  Always take the high road.  The ego wants to fight and feel that it is always right.  So prevent the fight from even beginning and not allow the ego any say in the fight.  By doing this, you will feel so much better.

You will see yourself tested in the upcoming times.  Egos are fighting for survival at these heightened energetic times and you will see the egos out in full force picking fights.  Do not engage.  Just observe.  Tell the other person what they want to hear and diffuse the situation.  You will be happy you did and you will feel so good and have this overwhelming sense of peace as you transcended both your ego and the other person’s ego.

This does take a little bit of practice.  If you feel you are getting annoyed and your blood is boiling by the ramblings of someone that you know is wrong, just take a few deep breaths and find your calmness, your peace.  Ask your angels for assistance.  You are already going though a lot in this lifetime.  This is one less thing that you may not need to deal with.

But it is a big thing and everyone now is being tested on their calmness and ability to be happy.  So choose happiness over being right and tame the egos involved.  Your ego may not thank you but your heart will.  And you are headed into a heart filled world.  So always choose to be happy.  You will be happy you did.


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  1. ….such a gift!!!…to wake up…sunny day! Enjoy the sun on the balcony…check my emails…get a smile to see that you post another Higer Self message! This one makes me feel so good and Happy! YOU pointed so easy to understand/to feel, almost like seeing other situations/reactions where the ego got so involved and everybody was suffering(also when the ego is right, the heart still suffer)! Thank YOU dear Andy for being our Guide! Deep Hugs! Love and Light and infinite blessings! 🙂 Teodor


  2. Hello Andy,

    Are you really one of my “guides”? Most of your topics are related to my situations here…hahaha! I used to follow what they said (what they think is right), but I was not happy at all. When I do what I like, they’re not happy and disagree and even argued. Of course, I still love them in my deepest heart as I totally understand how they feel and think.

    But, how to make happy for both of the two sides especially when we’re in a very close relationship like family without separation/conflict? Your guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for sharing your love and light!


    1. I do not know if I am your guide. Maybe 🙂 Mia, I would say family situations can be tough. There can be a lot of influence there and lots of ego involved. I feel that you should always do what makes you happy. It there is an argument brewing between friends and family, look at the topic. Is it really worth fighting over. Will it change who you are on the inside if you just give in and choose happiness over being right. You fight the battles that need to be faught, the important ones that involve who you are. Your higher self will tell you. Just do what feels right. If something does not feel right to you, it probably is not right. You are well equipped to make decisions on your own. However, for the sake of avoiding arguments and pain, let certian things go if you can let them go and let the other perosn feel that they have won. Choose happiness instead. Their ego will be confused as no argument occured and you will grow so much more as you have transcended the ego. Thanks Mia and blessings and love to you…


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