What To Do Before, During, And After An Energy Healing

Berore, during and AfterFor an energy healing to be successful, you have to believe, trust and have the positive intention that the energy healing will work for you and help you for your highest and best good.  If you have doubts, then you are blocking the energies that are projected to you by the energy healer.

If the energies are blocked, then they will not reach you.  If they do not reach you, then they cannot be absorbed by you.  If they are not absorbed by you, then they cannot help you.  So your belief that the energy healing will work and your intention that the energies reach you is very critical to the success of the energy healing.

What to do before the energy healing

1.  Take deep breaths and hold the in breath for five counts and then exhale.  Do this for about 12 times.  Try to visualize breathing in light and breathing out love.  Just hold this intention.

2.  Say a prayer asking Mother / Father God and all the angels and guides for their blessings and support for a successful healing.  Any prayer you feel comfortable saying is OK.  It is the intention of thanks and appreciation and gratitude that is important.

3.  Trust and believe that the healing will be a successful healing.

4.  Avoid eating anything before the healing (maybe 1-2 hours before the healing).

5 . Start to get your mind thinking of happy thoughts.  If you can’t think of anything happy, think of what makes you smile, like children playing or laughing together or you lying on a beach relaxing watching the ocean.

6. Tell anyone in the home that they are not to interrupt you during the healing session.

7.  Make sure that you set aside one full hour for the healing session.

8.  Understand that you may fall asleep and sleep for a few hours after the healing.  This is OK.

9.  Go to the bathroom before the healing.

What to do during the energy healing

1.  Do not block the energies if you start feeling a tingling sensation in your body or body parts or if you see things in your mind’s eye.  This is so important.  Your energy field is like your home.  I can’t come into your home unless you invite me in.  I can’t enter your energy field and help you with your energies unless you allow me in.

2.  Think of a happy thought or thoughts in your life that occurred and focus your intention on those happy thought(s) at all times during the healing session.

3.  Have a blanket with you during the healing session and cover yourself up if you get cold, as an energy healing may make you cold.

4.  Do not be interrupted by anyone in the home.  This includes pets.

5.  Make sure your phone ringer is off.

6.  Light a candle and dedicate it to the successful healing, if you have a candle.

7.  Do not wear any leather clothing items, as leather may block the energies.

8.  Do not wear shoes.

9.  Make yourself as comfortable as possible.

10.  Play soft background music, if you like.  But this is not necessary.

11.  Try to keep your eyes closed at all times during the healing session.

12.  Try not to go to the bathroom during the healing session.

13.  Try not to move around too much.

14.  Make sure you are lying down on your back, if possible.

15.  Avoid any other distractions.  This one hour of energy healing is for you.

What you may experience during the healing

1.  Energy surges through out your body or parts of your body.

2.  Cold or heat sensations throughout your body.

3.  A feeling that you are very light and maybe not in your body, like you are floating away being somewhere else.

4.  You may see colors, shapes, white light, colored light, faces, people, or different places.

5.  Any other sensation.  The sky is the limit.

6.  You may see ascended masters, angels, arch angels, or me.

7.  You may experience some, all or none of the above.

What to do after the energy healing

1.  Drink lots and lots of water.

2.  Do not lift any heavy objects.

3.  Try and lie down and relax for a few hours, if possible.

4.  Try to not watch any TV and just let your mind go.

5.  Try to not engage in any drama conversations with others, especially any negativity.  It would probably be best if you were alone.

6.  Try to still your mind and remove any thoughts from your head.

7.  Just lay there, relax and allow the energies to be absorbed by your body.

8.  Do not eat anything for a few hours after the healing, just drink water.

9.  Ask the energies to help you remove anything that is not for your highest and best good or anything that no longer serve you.

10.  Ask the energies to remove any attachments or cords that no longer serve you.

11.  Ask the energies to remove any karma that you may have.

12.  Ask the energies to help you with whatever you feel you need help with, emotionally, mentally, spiritually or physically.

13.  Do not have any expectations with respect to the work the energies will do.

14.  Do not be frustrated if your situation does not change.  There may be a higher reason that it is not changing.  Just accept it and be grateful.

15.  Trust that the energies will help you and continue from that moment on as if you are healed and have faith that you are healed.  Healing may take some time, so give the energies time to do what they need to do.

16.  Say a little prayer to Mother / Father God and all the angels, and guides thanking them for the successful healing and for their work.  Show gratitude by being thankful and appreciative for their work.  Any prayer is sufficient.  It is the intent to show appreciation, thanks and gratitude that is important.

If you do these things, your healing sessions will be better received and you just may see miracles occur in your life.   Click HERE if you are interested in a free healing session and I will be more than happy to give you one.  Blessings and love to all of you…


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  1. Hello Andy,

    You said that “try not to move around too much” and “close eyes all times” during the healing. So, unconsciously sleeping can be considered as the best time for the energy healing to work out? When someone is really sleeping unconsciously during the healing, energies will not be blocked, right? Your guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!


    1. I would say that when you are sleeping, you are not in a conscious state. I feel it would be better to have a healing when you are in a conscious state so you can experience the healing. You can still block the energies in an unconscious state becuase maybe you have karma to play out or maybe the lesson has not been learned yet so you are not rerady to be healed. In general, I would say that it would be better to be in a conscious state to get the healing. Hope this helps Mia. Blessings and love to you…


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