My Higher Self: It Is Time To Remember Who You Are

LoveDo your feel like you do not know who you are?  Do you feel like you do not know why you are here?  Do you feel as if everyone is different than you?

Do you feel that people may be attacking you or criticizing you and your decisions in life?  So many people feel stuck at these times.  Do not feel stuck.

You are awakening into your true Self.  The days of other people telling you what to do and how to feel are ending.  The days of others manipulating you and making you feel ashamed or guilty are coming to an end.  The days of you being controlled by others and their beliefs are coming to an end.

The time has come for you to make decisions based on your gut feeling, based on what feels right to you from your heart, not what feels right to others.  Do you have siblings, or parents or spouses who are not resonating with you?  Are you going through hard times with them?  Do they not seem to understand you?  Are they blaming you for changes that are occurring in your relationships?  There is no blame here.  There are no mistakes being made.

What is happening is that you are resonating at a higher frequency than these souls.  And their ego subconsciously knows it.  So what does their ego try to do?  The ego will try to blame you, to make you feel that you are the cause of the separation, that you are the cause of the pain and hurt.  The ego will try to make you feel bad, and make you feel that you are the bad person, and that you are causing the rift and that you are the one to blame.

This may be done through yelling and fear tactics with words.  None of this is true.  The ego is scared as it is losing control and it is fighting to stay alive.  Bless and release the ego.  Listen and follow your heart with respect to all of your choices going forward now.  You are not responsible for others or how they feel.

Others have their own lessons and experiences to sort through.  You are helping them by providing them the lessons.  You are now awakening.  And with awakening comes a shift in your energy resonance, a shift in your consciousness resonance.  You will see that like will attract like and people who do not resonate with your energy level will eventually drop off.

This is true even if it is a family member.  Do not feel bad or blame yourself if you are no longer resonating with a spouse or a loved one.  They may say that it is your fault.  They may say that you are the cause of the divorce, that you are the cause of the separation or the pain that they are feeling.  Blaming others is easy.  But looking within is very hard.

Your awakening is causing this for you.  This is a good thing.  Those that are un-awakened may blame you, they may say hurtful things, they may not understand and they may not understand you.  But you understand.  You cannot tell a blind person what it is like to see a beautiful sunset who has never seen before.  You cannot tell a deaf person what music sounds like when they have never heard before.

That is what you are dealing with when you are talking about awakening and spirituality.  The un-awakened must feel and experience it themselves to understand. It is an upward battle for you to try to explain something to someone that has no comprehension of what you are talking about.  All will awaken within time that is right for them.  Love them from a distance and honor their path.

Remember that we are all One and all of us are here to learn at our own pace.  You may be at the finish line but someone may be slower than you.  Allow them to finish and cheer them on.  So be prepared to be attacked by family members.  Be prepared to have those butterflies in your stomach as you continue to remove layers and shed things that do not resonate with you.  Your family may not like you without these layers.

But that is on them to deal with.  You did nothing wrong.  You are not at fault.  You hurt nobody as you had no negative intentions toward anyone.  Everyone is responsible for their own emotions and experiences.  Again, all that is happening is you are awakening to your true self.  A self that is so powerful, so bright and so loved. You are realizing now who you are.  You are making decisions based on your gut feeling and what you feel from your heart.

You no longer rely on others to tell you what to do or how to feel.  You are taking your power back that you gave away for so long.  You are finding You.  That is the beauty of awakening, the beauty of love that is You.  And you are so beautiful.  Truly!  You are now becoming that beautiful butterfly that emerged from the larvae.

So fly away and be free, fly away without any constraints or blockages or bondage.  You now have wings and not anchors.  So if anyone, family member or not, tries to tell you how wrong you are, or make you feel that you are causing them pain, or that you are to blame, or that you have changed, or make you feel guilty in any way, know that this is not the case.

You are raising your consciousness level and they are not.  Like will attract like, with respect to energy levels.  They will join you when it is time for them.  Love them from a distance.  Be happy that this is happening to you and not sad.  Do not be depressed.  Be happy!  You are doing nothing wrong and you should not feel ashamed, depressed or guilty in any way for hurting anyone’s feelings.

That is on them to deal with.  You are not responsible for anyone’s feelings or happiness but your own.  So do what you need to do and take the emotions out of any discussions that may seem like hard discussions.  Then shine your light and fly free like a beautiful butterfly with no more shackles to keep you in the third dimensional world.

You are loved and you are love!  Love is the highest vibrational frequency there is, and you all have that God Spark love in you.  So go and awaken to your new awareness, to your true self, and be that love!


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  1. thankyou andy 🙂 i feel like you were speaking my inner knowing- what i once was feeling and so many people from my life coming to surface………and its all love, i was able to really release by reading this and it was so perfectly orchistrated that i read this tonight. thankyou for youre service and for just allowing me to really shake hands with my own higher self. so much love to you X


  2. Very good post dear Andy… Humans come with their own Karma, they choose what situations they will come thru…(of course no one remember the contract they made before becoming humans). Some people want to manipulate that is your fault whatever is happening to them… We must blessed them, send our ♥ and speak to them so they began to awaken… When a couple does not resonate with each other… my personal opinion, they have first to make a deal, see the pro and “contras” and get to a neutral point… eventhough if it doesnt work… the best is to separate, your light energy can get down to a lower dimmension and you dont need this.!!! Fly away and continue your NEW NOW with ♥ ☼ and chocohugs !!!


  3. Thank YOU dear Andy! …the tears at the eyes corners are Happy tears!:) I AM the Buterfly that very soon will Fly! It is such a beauty/feeling to recive your LOVE! My body is tingling and im smiling! …deep hugs, Love and Light…and infinite Blessings! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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