My Higher Self: When and How Will Ascension Happen?

AscensionAscension is happening now.  The energies are already here.  They will intensify in the times ahead.  The shift has already occurred and the new world has already been created.  It is there and it is waiting for you.

Ascension for you, however, is a continuous process.  You are not there yet.  But you will be.  That is why you are here now.  You are in charge of your ascension.  There is no time in the higher dimensions.  You are experiencing linear time on Mother Earth and this linear time is moving faster now.  Ascension is an individual process.

Please focus on what you need to release.  Focus on you.  You cannot and will not ascend into the higher dimensions until you release what does not serve your highest and best good.  Focus on the things in your life that do not serve your highest and best good and release these things.  Ask yourself what is there in your life that needs to be cleaned up and released.  If you focus on this, things will come up to the surface nudging you.

Your higher self will nudge you and tell you.  You will know based on how you feel.  What is upsetting you?  Maybe you had an argument with someone and are holding this in?  This needs to be fixed.  Maybe you stole something.  This needs to be returned.  Maybe you said something to someone that hurt them.  You need to forgive yourself and make this situation right with the other person.

Say you are sorry and ask forgiveness from that person.  It matters not if they forgive you.  What matters is that you are trying to make amends and are apologizing if you were in the wrong from the other person’s perspective.  That is what releasing what does not serve you is all about.  That is what you must do before you can ascend.

You must cleanse yourself and release all of this.  Look inside yourself and ask yourself what do I not feel good about?  What is there that is bothering me?  Whom have I hurt and not made amends with?  Who am I still mad at and have not forgiven?  Let these things come up and then deal with them and make these things right.  You know what to do to make these things right.

Ascension will happen for you when you are ready to ascend.  You will be ready when you have released all of the pain, the suffering, the negativity, the anger, the hurt feelings, the judgments, the drama, the resentment, the expectations, the criticism and the false beliefs that you have been living by.  You must find your true Self to ascend.

You do this by using your intuition and doing things that feel right to you, not what others tell you that is right or what others tell you that you should feel.  Do not give your power away by doing things or believing in things that others tell you to do or believe in if it does not feel good to you.  Those days are over and you must stand in your light and find a higher awareness and strength to say no.

There are so many channelings out there that are reassuring and positive.  But please make sure they resonate with you.  If it does not feel right to you, it probably is not right.  Use your discernment.  Not all channelings are accurate.  Use your intuition and ask yourself, “Does what I am reading feel right to me?”  Go with your first initial response.  Don’t just take what is said at face value as truth.  It must feel like truth to you to resonate with you.

Remove any fear and release any disappointments that you may have when something did not happen based on a channeling you read.  Do not blame others or let yourself get down when something did not happen when it was supposed to happen based on something you read.  The channeling may be accurate but not coincide with the linear time you are experiencing.  Thus, eliminate all expectations and disappointments based on any dates.

All the answers are within you.  You decide when something will happen, nobody else and no channeled message, as each of you have your own timelines of probabilities and possibilities based on your individual ascension.  The Ascended Masters, Angels, Arch Angels and all Light Beings are there to help.

However, they cannot do the work for you.  They can advise and guide you.  But YOU must do the work.  You are the ones you have been waiting for.  To ascend, you must release all of this stuff.  To release you must go within and work on things that do not serve your highest and best good.  All timelines and probabilities point to one possibility: Your ascension.

You are here at these times now for the sole purpose of ascending.  You know this on your subconscious level.  That is why there are 7+ billion people here on earth now.  You agreed to come here to release, to finally let go permanently all of the things that you have experienced in all of your past lifetimes.

It is time to let go!  It is time to release! It is time to stand in your light!  It is time for you to realize how powerful and loved you are!  It is time to find and stand in your I AM Presence!  That is why you are here.  It is not easy.  There is so much resentment, fear, hurt and anger that is suppressed by humanity, and individually.  All of it must go collectively and individually before your ascension will be manifested for you.

The energies coming in now are helping so much.  Energy healings help so much as well.  An energy healing will serve you well as it will help give you clarity as to what you must do to release things that do not serve your highest and best good.  An energy healing will not do the work for you.  You still need to do the work.  It will help you better understand what that work is that needs to be done.

All of the Arch Angels, and legions of Angels, and Guides are here now as well as all light beings to help you with your ascension.  These are glorious times.  But YOU must make it happen.  You must be the one that makes ascension happen for yourself.  Hoping that all the light beings will lift you up and carry you to your new world without you doing the work will not get you there.

You will see all of this coming up for release in the upcoming times for you and for the collective.  It is happening now already and it will intensify.  It is time for the old to go away and for the new to be brought into your life.  Bring it into your life with love and happiness and joy.  Remove yourselves from negative people who bring you down and love them from a distance, if need be.  Remove yourselves from negative relationships.  Do not let anyone or anything lower your energy level.

This is all about you now.  This is about doing things that resonate on your energy level.  The dark is here for a purpose.  They will come to the light.  The energies will flush them out and they will say I have had enough, what am I fighting for, why I am so destructive, I am tired of this.  If you can’t beat them, then join them.  The dark will come around and join the light.

In the end, there is no separation, we are all One and we are all love.  Love the dark for the role that they are playing.  Love the dark for the lessons they are teaching you.  They are allowing your soul to grow and develop.  The collective will ascend.  It has been decreed and it will happen.  It will happen for every person.  Nobody will be left behind as we are all One.  Eliminate any timeframes and expectations as to when it will happen for you or the collective.

Do not rely on liner timeframes and dates.  Trust and have faith that it will happen and live your life as if it has already happened.  By you living in love and joy, you are spreading your light to others to see.  You are paving the road as lightworkers for others to follow.  You are needed at these times.  But you cannot spread your light if your light is contaminated.  You must release and cleanse.

Remove the shackles from your body and cut your cords and attachments to people, relationships and things that do not resonate at your light level.  You, and nobody else, must do this work.  But you can do this.  You would not be here if you could not.  You have had so many lifetimes to prepare.  The rewards are there.

Immortality in a new world that is beyond your imagination is what is waiting for you.  No more lifetimes for you.  This is it.  Your last life, and also your hardest.  Surrender to Mother / Father God and let life flow for you.  Ask for help and trust that it will come as the Universe rearranges to give you what you are manifesting.  Do not fight with the third dimensional mindset that others will throw at you.  Do not fight with your ego.  Just love!

Ascension is here.  It is upon you.  It will happen.  It has happened.  But you must now get there and catch up with it.  You catch up by working on yourself and clearing and releasing things that are not love based.  So cleanse your soul, make things right that need to be made right and shine your light. Remove all expectations on dates and work on yourself and you will ascend before you know it!  Live your life in love and treat others the way you want to be treated.  Be the Love.  Be YOU!


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  1. It is now twelve months on from the so called beginning of Ascension and NOTHING has happened. No alien craft have arrived, no Western government has crumbled, no new freedoms from debt for the people have occurred and people are NOT getting younger, healthier or more concerned for each other. Why?


    1. Ascension happens from within and only when your heart is opened…the work has to be done individually for ascension to occur for you…There is no timeframe for ascension…and there are no dates for ascension. It will happen when the heart is open and all is released and cleared that need to be released…Sending you love and many blessings…


  2. Thank you for the very helpful post, I wish to send my love through your meditation to Mother earth, and to all souls who live upon her


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