What I See and Feel During an Energy Healing – The Ascension Gates and Your Ascension!

AscensionI recently performed an energy healing on Ashley from Canada.  Her testimonial can be found by clicking HERE.  For all of the energy healing testimonials, click HERE.

Ashley asked if I can maybe give a posting on my experience during the energy healing, as I typically only post testimonials from people who received an energy healing.  So I thought, why not and maybe it will help.

So here goes:  Toward the end of the energy healing is the best part for me.  This is where I see and feel the most.  So this is what I will focus on in this posting.  This part is after I have etherically cleansed and energized the person receiving the energy healing.  So here is my experience toward the end of the energy healing for all of the energy healings that I perform.

I will use Ashley as an example as this did happen with Ashley:  After Ashley has been cleansed and cleaned etherically, I see Ashley and me walking together in field of tall grass.  It is very peaceful and serene.  I see this in my mind’s eye, my third eye.  I see Ashley cleansed, cleaned, happy, healthy and healed. I see Ashley’s chakras all energized and filled with liquid white Divine Light.

I see Ashley’s chakras all open and I see Ashley as a radiant multi-dimensional being of pure white light.  I see Ashley’s aura shining brightly with vivid colors radiating pure love.  As we walk together, I see in the distance a large mountain ravine and enormous steel red gates.  These are massive tall gates.  At this time they are closed.  As we get closer to the gates, I see and feel the energies of angelic beings and light beings.

I see and sense and feel the energies of all the Arch Angels around us as well as the Ascended Masters, my mom and my spirit guides.  I see them smiling at us as we stop to acknowledge them.  I see them bowing to us, bowing to Ashley.  Then Ashley realizes that these gates are the ascension gates to the new world.  At this point, I see Ashley tearing up and crying out of joy, and I ask Ashley if she is ready to come home, to come back to Mother / Father God.

If the answer is yes (some are not ready yet), I open the gates with my intention and the gates open.  As the gates open, there is silence and anticipation.  We are now looking into the new world, observing from the outside.  We have not crossed the threshold yet.  The anticipation builds.  I ask again if Ashley is ready to come home.  Then we cross the threshold.

Let me tell you, when this happens, a huge wave of energy rushes and pulsates through my entire body.  It is so intense and so beautiful.  My body is literally shaking slightly.  I see through my hands as they are white and they are a light body.  I see so many different colors and beings as energy around me.  So much energy is pulsating through me at this point.  It feels so good, so right.  I just cannot describe the feeling into words.

Just trust me that it is so good and uplifting, the way that love should feel.  Once we cross the threshold past the gates, I instantly begin to weep and cry as I cannot hold this inside.  It is the most intense spiritual experience that I have ever felt.  It is such a release for me that I cannot describe this into words.   Once I gather my composure, we continue to walk.

I see unicorns, dragons, elementals, fairies and angels flying above us radiating love.  I then see Arch Angel Gabrielle on my right and she blows the trumpet to announce our presence.  We walk a little bit further into a sort of ledge overlooking a meadow and I announce “Please welcome Ashley to her new world.”  When I say this, another wave of energy pulsates through me and it feels so good.  So many energies and colors and energy beings are around me.

It is literally a party at my house.  I then see millions of beings appear radiating their love to Ashley.  This feeling is so amazing.  So much love is radiated at Ashley.  I then take a few steps back; I kneel with one knee and bow to Ashley, out of respect to her.  When I do this, all the other beings do the same and they bow and kneel to Ashley.

The kneeling and bowing are to show respect for Ashley for all the lives that she has lived, for all the lessons that she has learned, for all the experiences that she has had in the third dimensional world.  It shows gratitude, appreciation, and thanks to Ashley for being a Divine Being of Love.  Now it is dead silent as all souls are quiet kneeling and bowing to Ashley.

All focus is on Ashley.  At this point Ashley begins to release and cry as she has realized that she is home, she is back in the Oneness, back with Mother / Father God.  I then stand up and start to clap.  All beings then start to clap and Ashley runs over to hug me.  Everyone is clapping.  In the distance in the sky I see a huge light which I know is Mother / Father God radiating love to me and Ashley.  I breathe in that love with a big smile on my face.

Then I see so many beings approach Ashley hugging her and saying hello, welcoming her personally home.  These are all the souls that Ashley has known in this life and prior lives.  Ashley is home!  Ashley has ascended!  There is so much love during this time that is projected that it is so hard to describe the feeling.  Every healing I do, I weep and cry like this.  There is so much love flowing from me to Ashley.  Every person I heal, I have a connection with.

Nobody can tell me that we are not ascending.  Nobody can tell me that ascension is not here.  I have personally seen it with my own eyes.  I have felt the energies.  I have heard the voices and I have seen the light beings.  It is all real.  All of this happens in my conscious state.  It is not a dream.  We are all here to ascend.  We will all ascend.  Believe it with all your might, everything you have, all of your being. Eliminate any doubts.  Feel the energies of these words!

I hope this posting gives you peace.  I hope it motivates you to work on yourselves.  This is what is waiting for you.  It is real.  The new world is here, at a higher consciousness level, a level you need to reach.  My mom is there who died last year.  I see her and I hear her.  This was her gift to me at her death.  Bless her soul eternally and bless all of you.  I am hoping to give this gift back to you through my healings and my visions and my experiences during these healings.  I believe that every one of you will go through this process when you are ready.

I feel this.  But you must release all things that do not serve you as all my prior postings have stated.  You must have faith, you must believe, and you must trust.  And you must raise your energy frequency by staying in love.  Live in Love and you will ascend!  The timelines are there and there is only one probability and possibility; your ascension.  That is what you are shooting for.  Be happy, be love, be YOU!!!


If you are interested in an energy healing like Ashley, click HERE.

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  1. Andy you rock! I was telling my husband i was gonna ask what you experienced when you healed and the next day you post this! Thank you for the wisdom, it is like continuing education every day for life! I hope you sawthe same things for me!


    1. Thank you for the kind words Kelly. Yes I did see the same thing with you. 🙂 Please tell your husband to Skype me if he wants an energy healing. I think that he tried to contact me and I responded back but then I never heard back from him. Sending you and all of your loved ones lots of love and many blessings…


  2. I read ashleys testimonial, got tears in my eyes then I went on to read yours Andy and it did the same thing. Took me right back to after my healing and I asked you what you experienced with me, same kind of experience, it is so nice that you posted this so others can see what you get to experience as maybe not everyone thinks to ask you, now they can also see from your point of view just how truly powerful an experience they really went through with you. Thank you for posting this, I am sure it will give people who are considering contacting you a really good idea of what transpires on your side of things as well. It was just like listening to you tell me all over again what happened to you when you took me home.

    So thank you for taking the time out of your incredibly busy schedule to post this for all to read, not only is it a beautiful read, but I am sure it will also give hope to others who are not quite sure what is really going on, here and behind the veil. Thanks Andy……love always ❤


  3. Hello Andy,

    Did you always see the same things (like the same ceremony celebrated at the same places) after the end of energy healing that you performed on each person? I’m really curious what you saw after you finished energy healing on me…hahaha^^


    1. Mia. With you I saw the same thing. All the healings I see the same thing. The thing that is different is the amount of energy that I feel and see per person. Some more of some less, but the vision for me is the same. Sending you lots of love and blessings young lady…


  4. Wow,wow,wow…….so this is what ascension feels like:):):) I have had a million unanswered questions about his subject and this post definitely answers some of the burning questions in my mind….:) Thanks Andy….you write very very beautifully and is a direct reflection of your awesome personality,I guess:) Namaste to you,dear friend:)


    1. Thank you Roopa. This is one possibility of what ascension can be. This is just what I envision. Could be different. It is based on what you create. Sending you lots love and blessings…


  5. ….waw Andy! ….such a beautiful description and such an amazing feeling in got reading about your experiences thru the energy healing you do! The words can’t describe my feeling. My body was tingling and i had tears in my eyes! Oh…so beautiful! I AM so grateful and happy to be here!…to know and connect with YOU(and all what is connected with you)! Such a great awarness, that we are all ONE/connected! …I AM a Light being! Light is Love and Light is ONE! We are all Light! We are all Love! …thank YOU Andy! Infinte Blessings! 🙂 Teodor


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