What You Can Do To Quickly Heal Yourself from Pain

TreeIf you have a sinus headache or a toothache or any sort of moderate pain or discomfort, there is something that you can do to help you get rid of this pain.  It should work instantly for you.

This remedy is better than taking over the counter or prescription pain medication as the pain medicine may have adverse side effects.  Remember that you have an inner and an outer aura.

This is your etheric body.  The etheric body follows the contours of your physical body and this etheric body composes the energy field in which you live and move.  When you are sick, it is typically because there is an energy leak in your aura or you are congested or depleted of energy.  Ki or prana energy is the vital energy or the life-force.

Without it, you will not be alive.  It is everywhere and we all absorb it.  The three major sources of Ki energy come from solar energy, ozone energy and from Mother Earth.  You absorb Ki energy from the sun by being in the sunlight or drinking water that has been in the sunlight.

You absorb Ki energy by breathing deep breaths and you absorb it from the ground.  You absorb it from the ground and it enters through the soles of your feet.  You also absorb Ki Energy from fresh food and not processed food.  So the key to feeling better is getting more Ki Energy.

Please note that people with a lot of excess Ki energy tend to make people around them feel better and livelier.  Also, people who are depleted or have low Ki Energy tend to unconsciously absorb this Ki energy from others.  How many people do you know that tend to make you feel tired or drained for no reason?

Try and stay away from these people as they will suck up your Ki energy.  Stay around happy people. So here is what you do if you are not feeling well or have pain or discomfort.  Get a hold of some soothing meditation music.  You can find this on YouTube.  Take some headphones and whatever device you have that will allow you to listen to meditation music that you have downloaded.  Go to a place that has a lot of trees, like a park, or maybe a greenbelt.

The bigger the trees, the better.  Trees exude a lot of excess Ki energy.  Ask the being of the tree to help you feel better.  Stand barefoot in front of the tree. Tell the being of the tree what the problem is and why you are not feeling well and that you would like to feel better.  Again, ask the being of the tree to help you get well.

Then, take your thumb from your right hand and push it against the palm of your left hand for 20 seconds.  Ask that your hand and palm chakra be opened during this pushing.  Now do the same with the left thumb and the right hand.  You should feel some tingling in your palms after you do this.  After you do this, ask the being of the tree to allow you to absorb as much Ki Energy as you can from the tree.

Then, place both hands on the tree with the palm pushed on the tree.  While you are doing this, take a deep breath and hold for a five count, then slowly exhale.  Do this six times.  As you are doing this, try to imagine energy flooding your entire body from the tree.  Try to feel this energy entering your physical body and etheric body.

Once you have done this, lie down under the tree, put on your headphones and listen to the music you brought.  Do this for 20 minutes.  When you listen to soothing music, it relaxes the mind and helps heal the body.  Do not focus on the pain and do not focus on trying to remove the pain.  Divert your attention to something pleasant and it will speed up your healing.

The ground Ki energy from Mother Earth and the excess Ki Energy from the tree and the relaxing music will make you feel better.  You should see that your pain is relieved and probably gone.  And you did not need to take any medication to help you. Also, bring water with you and drink it.  As you are lying there under a tree, close your eyes and visualize that you are in a beautiful garden with Arch Angel Raphael.  Arch Angel Raphael is the Arch Angel of healing.

Try to see him there with you.  Ask him to help you relieve your pain.  Then envision him placing his beautiful emerald-green energy over your aura and over your affected part.  Feel how wonderful your body feels as the meditation music is playing.  Show gratitude by thanking him for helping you when he is done.  Open your eyes and know that you are better, and that you are healed.  Continue to lay there with the meditation music and just watch the sky and clouds.

When you are ready to leave, thank the tree for all of it’s help.  Give it a big hug.  Doing this should make you feel better.  It should eliminate your physical pain and discomfort.  I hope this posting helps you with your ailments.  Sending all of you lots of love and many blessings.  Love.


I need your help.  Please click HERE to view the post on the love bomb meditation.    This is important and does help tremendously.  If you are interested in helping, please send me a comment (just scroll down and you will see comments) anywhere on this page or any other page on my website.  I need your first name, your last name initial and the state or country you are from and I will add you to the growing list.

This is a list of people who have given me their permission to include them in my meditation to send love to Mother Earth.  There is strength in numbers and the meditation is so much more intensified when others give their love and intention to send love. 

No meditation on your part is required (unless you want to ).   The people who are participating in this love bomb meditation can be found by clicking HERE.  Help me grow this list, won’t you?

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  1. Thank you for initiating this live bomb for our earth…..what a wonderful idea…..count me in and add me to your list….


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