Step 3 – How to Heal Yourself and Others – How to Feel the Inner Aura and Chakras With Your Hands

ChakrasWhen you are energy healing yourself or others, there are basically two things that you are always doing.  You need to always do both things for an effective energy healing.

You will be sweeping and removing stuff that does not serve the person’s highest and best good AND you will be energizing the etheric body and the chakras of the etheric body.

This posting will go into detail on how to locate the inner aura and chakras and to help you understand how they feel.  In an energy healing, you can have either Ki energy congestion or Ki energy depletion.

Ki energy congestion means that there is a lot of stuck energy in a certain organ or chakra that may extend out to other organs around this chakra.  This causes those organs to be affected and causes you to be physically sick.  Ki energy depletion means that the area, organ or chakra does not have a lot of Ki energy there and needs to be energized.  This also causes you to be sick.

In areas where there is Ki energy congestion, diseased congested matter is removed or extracted through sweeping from the affected area.  This should be followed by projecting Ki energy to the treated area.

The emphasis with Ki energy congestion is the cleansing or decongesting.  In areas where there is Ki energy depletion, proper cleansing and energizing of the chakras or affected parts or organs are applied-the emphasis is on energizing.

How to energize and cleanse the affected parts will be discussed in another post.  This post talks about how to locate the inner aura and energy chakras.  The first thing to do is to sensitize your hands so you can scan the person’s aura or etheric body and chakras to verify where the sickness or disease is.  So here is what you do:

Take your right thumb and push hard on the inside of your left hand in the palm area for about 30 seconds as you are breathing slowly in and out.  Now do this on the other hand.  Take your left thumb and push it on your right hand in the palm area.

By doing this and breathing slowly in and out, it will open and activate your palm chakras.  Activation of your palm chakras will allow you to feel the sensations of the aura and etheric body and energy chakras of the person you are healing.

When you are healing someone and they are lying down on a healing table or couch, you will need to find their inner aura and energy chakras.  Have a friend lay down on a couch or healing table.  Now take one of your hands (left or right) and bring your fingers together in that hand.  Your hand should be almost flat, and slightly bent.

Now, with one of your hands above the body, above your head, very slowly start pushing your hand down towards the person’s body (from the top down).  It probably is better to have a friend lie there to begin with versus starting out a distant healing where nobody is physically there.  Thus, ask a friend to assist you.

Keep doing this and pushing down until you find the inner aura of the person.  The inner aura is about 4-5 inches from the physical body extending outward from their physical body.  You will know you found it as you will feel it on the palm of your hand and your fingers.  You will feel a sensation on your palm, sort of like little tingles and a slight pushback.  It is amazing when you first feel it.

Keep trying if you do not find it first.  Do you feel it?  It is better to not look, just feel with your palm and fingers.  Go slow and just feel.  Close your eyes and keep slowly moving down your palm and hands towards the person’s physical body until you are about 3-4 inches above the person’s body.  You will feel it.  Once you feel it, slowly raise your hand a foot or two and do this again until you feel it again.

Keep doing this until you feel that you understand how the inner aura feels.  Now, move to a different location of the body.  If you did this earlier in the stomach area, move to the head area.  Keep doing this and keep practicing.  You must be able to feel the other person’s inner aura to do energy healings.  It just takes practice, and concentration and willpower.

If you still cannot locate it, ask the angels and guides to help you.  If you still cannot find it, go a little lower, as the person’s inner aura may be depleted and they really need to be energized.  Everyone has an inner aura.  You do not need to be clairvoyant to see it. I am not clairvoyant.  But I feel it and you can feel it.  You are no different than me.  This is what I do with all my healings and you will do this also.  I have faith in you!

Keep focusing and be persistent.  Once you have found the inner aura, now move your hand around it.  Move up and down the body, move left and right, go to the legs, the hips, the chest, the arms the head.  Stay in that 3-4 inch area above the inner body and just trace it, follow it around the person’s body.  You should feel the inner aura.

For this lesson, just practice feeling the inner aura.  As you are moving up and down the inner aura, try to remember the location of the major chakras. They are down the center of the body and they are circular and 3-4 inches in diameter.  The chakras are located on the inner aura.  Move your hand slowly over the area that has the chakra there.

What do you feel?  Do you feel a difference in how your hand, palm and fingers feel?  You should.  Try to find all of the major chakras.  Find and feel the crown chakra, the forehead chakra, the ajna chakra, the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the navel chakra, the spleen chakra, the basic chakra, the sex chakra (be careful with your hands here, you still want to have friends, ha-ha), the knee chakra and the foot charkas.

Click HERE to my last posting to see where the chakras are located on the body if you are unsure of their location.  Feel these whirling energy centers.  How do they feel to you?  Feel their energies.  Move your hands over their location slowly left and right, up and down.  Just get a sense of their location and how they feel.

If you can do this and if you feel comfortable doing this, you are on your way to being a terrific energy healer.  Look for future posts on how to sweep diseased energy off of the etheric body and how to energize the body.  I am sending all of you lots of love and many blessings.  Love.


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