My European Awakening – Mind Blowing!!

IMG_7204Hello everyone. I was in Poland and Belgium the last two weeks. It was an adventure for me like no other. I have never, ever, experienced a spiritual awakening like this before.

So much has happened to me on this trip, that it is truly mind blowing. I wanted to take some time to share these beautiful experiences with you along with some pictures that contained multiple orbs, as I was never alone.

I will be returning e-mails, Skype messages, and Facebook messages tomorrow as well as resuming energetic healings. Thank you everyone for being patient with me with respect to the healings and late responses. The trip to Poland was to see family who I have not seen in 35+ years.

There I performed 4 healings which helped people overcome their personal emotional and physical issues. However, the trip to Belgium was mind blowing. There, I met up with Meline LaFont from Pleiade Dolphin.  Some of you may know of her.

In my conscious state, I was shown things and told things by numerous beings (Jesus and company) that are truly amazing and indescribable in words.  Please feel the energies of the following words as all is truth!!  Let me first say to all of you that there is life after death. What a life is waiting for you!!!

In fact, let me say that there is no death. Death is an illusion that we put on ourselves. Do not fear death as you manifest what you feel. Love is all there is. You are all love and you are all Prime Creator Source.  All of us are Source.

How does it feel to know that YOU are GOD!!  Believe it!!!  Source creates aspects of itself and you are one of those aspects. Each aspect has a masculine and feminine side which is your other half, or twin flame. However, Source is a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies as One.

The goal of that aspect is to grow, to learn, to experience life, and to come back to Source and to share these unique experiences to the Oneness of All there is. There is absolutely no separation. We are all One. Once you have learned your lessons and have Mastered Self, you can merge back with Source.

I was taken out of my body etherically by Arch Angel Metatron and Arch Angel Michael. I was taken to Source. Source is a big bright illuminated white ball of light. This light is all love. You feel the love that is indescribable.

As I was standing there in front of this huge ball of light, I saw an image shaped like a human come out of this ball of light and approach me. It was Source. It was the most amazing experience I have ever felt. It is hard for me to write now as I am weeping and crying. I will never forget this moment.

It is in my being etched in my soul for all eternity. Source met me and told and showed me so much. Some of the things I can share with you and some I cannot. Source said all is love. Source said I am pure love.  As we walked, beings would appear and bow as angels engulfed our space. Source showed me how souls are born and how planets are created.

With a thought, Source instantly created souls and planets and showed me this as we teleported back and forth to different times and dimensions.  Source told me who I was, where I am from and what my gifts are and why I am here.

Healing is only one aspect of me. I was shown a big tapestry or puzzle and each section has a different color or piece. Some colors or pieces were much larger than the others.

Each piece represented a different virtue, like wisdom, balance, justice, etc…There were so many.  All of these combined make up Source.  However, the biggest one of all was Love. It was more than one third of the tapestry size. I was told that this part was me and that my job was to teach others how to love. I was told that I was a teacher of love.

I have been incarnated for thousands of lives spanning millions and billions of years and I have lived in so many dimensions and time lines and I am now in the process of merging back with Source through this ascension.

I am telling all of you this because ascension is upon us. I have been shown this new world that is here waiting for you. I see it everyday with the healings as well.

All of it is real and waiting for you. So how do you ascend? How do you get there? It really is simple. You need to love and you need to forgive. Forgive others and forgive yourselves. Do not hold grudges, do not feel anger, do not worry. You need to release all 3d concepts and relationships that are holding you back.  Crying helps so much with the release process.

You must trust your heart. Feel from your heart and do not think with your brain. You are all Source and you are all heading back and merging with Source at some point when your lessons are learned and you have mastered Self.  You must all balance out your karma. Also, do not place any expectations on timelines as this blocks your progress and slows things down.

Time does not exist in the higher dimensions. Do not allow it to control you in this dimension. Just be love and be happy and laugh. Laughter is so important now. Just love yourself and everyone and all beings. Just forgive yourself and everyone. We are all One. Nobody is above you or below you.

There are no titles and rankings, just energy resonances based on your spiritual growth and consciousness levels. I then walked with Jesus, my master guide, and we talked for so long. I have a special relationship with Jesus that goes way back past when he was here 2,000 years ago.  He said so much telepathically. Most of it pertaining to me and is private. Jesus is not a savior of sins as there are no sins nor any vengeful God.

You are your own savior as only you can balance out your karma. This is Universal Law and is precise. You save yourselves through love. Love removes your karma. Love allows the gate to your heart to be opened where the portal to ascension lies. The portal is YOU!!! You are the gate, your heart is the gate!! Is your gate opened? Is the heart opened? Only you can answer this.

What I can tell you is that if this gate is not opened, there will be no ascension for you as the master gatekeeper will not allow you passage into the higher dimensions. Yes there is a master gatekeeper and you must raise your consciousness level. Open up your heart and your gate and ascend and be closer to merging with Source. Are you ready to ascend?

Also, please note that I will be working with Meline Lafont in the upcoming times. Meline is an amazing being of pure love and I am honored to know her and to work with her.  She is a pure channel.  I hope that you will like what we will be doing together.  I’m sure Meline will post something on this in the upcoming week or so.

Below, you will find some pictures containing orbs that were around me constantly. I love all of you so much with all of my being and I am sending all of you my deepest blessings. Love…


IMG_7239Being Goofy.  Three geometric orbs around my crown and forehead area and one orb where my hands are, like I am pushing it down.  Click on the picture and zoom in to see the orbs.


Violet orb in the trees around me.


Multiple white orbs and green orb in bottom right.  This one was amazing…


  1. my dear”Andy Bojarski”;

    i ‘m happy that you enjoyed your trip in Belgium”…but if you informed me i would be happy to meet you and welcome you as i’m living in belgium….so you didn’t inform me…….hope that for next time when you will visit belgium again….

    besr regards


  2. Hi Andy,
    Great to have you back and thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures and journey. It sounds amazing and I look forward to hearing more. I have sent you an email about our healing session which I am really looking forward to. So I will wait to hear from you. I am sure you have many people to reply to. I also have a couple of questions to ask you about ascension if I may when we speak?
    Love and light
    Tania Farries


    1. Hi Tania, thank you for the kind words. I have sent you a Skype message and we can hopefully connect soon. I would be very happy to talk to you. Sending you lots of love and many blessings…


  3. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, when I read your experiences I believe it completely and hope someday I will experience the same. During my meditation sessions in the morning I think of you and thank you for inspiring, motivating and guiding me like a guru towards my spiritual journey.
    Lots of Love and will contact you soon through skype for a healing session.

    Thanks once again,



  4. Wow I’m so happy for you what a wonderful experience you had! I’ve been called to Sequoia and need a lot of healing from my fellow trees i always feel at home in nature.


    1. Wow, those trees are amazing. Please send me a Skype contact request to BOJARSKI54 and we can connect and schedule an energy healing. Sending you lots of love and so many blessings…


  5. Andrew,how blessed are you.I am sooooooo happy for you.
    I have a question about what I could do about the judgment feeling when I am with many people as in city.I ask myself (when people do something that is not nice)why do you do this,and it perturbs me for a bit.My desire is not to feel like this,but have not found a way yet.
    If there is something or some way to point me to for some help it would be great.
    Thank you very much for your Love and help.
    Love,Blessings and Joy to your loving Heart.
    Marija-from Croatia.


    1. Marija, thank you for contacting me. I would say that you are more of an evolved soul then the people that you see judging others. The part of you that wants to question them is your ego wanting you to come down to its level. The ego has to feel that it is in control all the time and looks for separation and judgment. So whenever you feel like you are being drawn into drama which causes separation for yourself, know that this is ego. I hope these words help. Sending you lots of love and many blessings Marija…


  6. wow.. outrageous post… are those pictures in Belgium or Poland?? Nice to see back… im sure many missed your posts !! ♥☼and chocohugs


  7. My entire life has been answered by your experience…thank you so much!!! Being an empath I have felt what you have felt…it all makes sence to me now!!! Omgoodness I am excited!! Much love {{♥}}


  8. Wow !!! Thanks a lot for sharing your beautiful experience Andy. I am feeling in total resonance with what you write. I am so full of joy by reading this post. This is a beautiful gift. Be blessed. Love


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