My Higher Self: Make Peace With Your Family

imagesOn Christmas Day, you are continuing to beautifully shift to a new light reality, to higher dimensions, to higher frequencies of pure unconditional love.

Regardless of how much energies engulf beautiful Mother Earth, ascension is an individual process.  The ascension portal is your own heart.  No other portal is more important than your heart portal.  Everything flows from the heart.  Your heart must be completely opened for your ascension to occur.

Ascension means becoming pure light and leaving behind everything that does not serve you anymore that is not of the light.  You will not ascend just because energies are coming to Mother Earth or because various portals are being opened.  You must do the work yourself for your ascension to occur by fully opening your heart.  And this work begins on the inside, within you.

Make peace with all of your family members.  Go into stillness and request your higher self to reveal to you family members in your lives that you have had difficult relationships with.  You know who you have argued with, you know who you have hurt and who has hurt you.  It does not matter what happened or how hard these experiences were for you.

It does not matter if you were right and they were wrong.  It is now time to make peace and release these traumas that you have been holding on to.  Do not be afraid to confront these people in person or on the phone.  Time heals all wounds and it is time to release these wounds.  We are all One and there is no separation or division where you are going.

No room for I’m right and they are wrong, or they hurt me.  There is no room to be mad, to be upset, to be hurt or to hold grudges.  Remove yourself from this drama as drama does not serve you given that you are an enlightened being of God, and God is love who loves every being.  Thus, as a being of God, you must love every being.

There is no hurt in the higher dimensions.  If you are hurt, then your heart is not fully opened and you are holding on to this suppressed pain and hurt.  It is time to release it permanently so your ascension can progress forward.  It is time to have a face to face confrontation and bury the hatchet.  Yes, face to face.  Talking to their higher self is a good backup if they are no longer available or do not want to talk to you.

But you need to make the effort to connect with them face to face.  Do this in person, if possible, or over the phone.  Are you estranged with your father or mother, or siblings or other family members?  Are you not talking with them or upset because they hurt you with their words?  Are they not wanting to talk to you or are unreasonable?

Family trauma is the hardest trauma to remove but has the greatest growth opportunity for you as a soul.  Make peace with them.  Pick up the phone and call them.  Ask to go to lunch with them.  Ask to see them in person.  Do not hide from your fears allowing your ego to control the situation.  They cannot hurt you anymore.  Remember who you are!!  Do not be upset anymore.

The more you are upset with someone, the less time you have to love them.  Love everyone.  This is part of your test and your growth.  Tell them in person that you are truly sorry from the heart for any pain that you have caused them by what you did or said to them.  Do not worry about what they did to you.  That is on them.  This is about you, not them.

Yes, this can be very hard to do.  Ask them to forgive you for your past actions or words.  Tell them you love them very much.  Forgive yourself for not forgiving them.  Forgive them for any pain or suffering that they may have caused you through their actions or their words.  It does not matter what they have done or said.  You must forgive.  This can be the most difficult thing in your life to do.

True forgiveness and love is the path to Christ Consciousness.  Are you on your path?  You cannot hold on to this pain.  This is the hard part-looking in the mirror and being honest with yourself.  Do not say that you have forgiven them but then you do not want to talk to them.  That is fooling yourself.

No, this your ego telling you what you want to hear to make you feel better while you are brushing this off under the door matt pretending it’s fixed.  That will not do and this will not allow your heart to be fully open and healed.  The energies that are coming to dear Mother Earth will be pushing you to do this.

You will need to confront these beautiful souls.  You are now being shown things that no longer serve you but you need to do the work to clean yourself and release these things.  You will know when the work is done.  The work will be done when you can truly from your heart love that person the same way that you love your innocent younger children; completely, unconditionally and from the heart – regardless of what they have done to you, said to you or how they continue to treat you.

The healing comes from the face to face discussions you will have with them.  Pour your heart to them and see how they respond.  Be the stronger person.  You will not only heal yourself but you will also heal them as well and you will allow both hearts to open up.  They may have been carrying this pain as well and need to see and hear you for their own healing.

All is love in the higher dimensions.  You cannot take grudges and feeling of hurt with you when you move to the higher dimensions, as your heart is not fully open.  If they do not want to talk to you or do not return your calls or requests for a face to face meeting, then talk to their higher self.  Imagine them being in front of you and then tell them how you feel and apologize to them and bury the hatchet.

When you meet them face to face or make that phone call, it can be the most difficult thing to do.  You may not want to do it or be ready to do it.  As you are reading this, you may be cringing or not resonating with these words.  Or you may be saying that my higher self said it’s OK to talk to their higher self.  This is not acceptable.  You must confront your fears to heal the heart.

There is no need to be afraid.  That is your ego trying to find it’s comfort spot telling you, “no it’s Ok, you do not need to contact them and see them in person, you have already forgiven them.”  Tell your ego to be an observer and not a participant in this exercise.  And if they are still attacking you or being hostile and not listening, then this is on them.  But you have done your part.  Continue to keep loving them and know that the release has happened and your heart has opened more due to your compassion, forgiveness and grace.

Ask for your guides and angels to help you.  They are always there, but you must ask.  But again, this is where your greatest growth lies.  Remember, you came here to learn, and to master Self and your emotions.  This person that has given you challenges agreed to be here to help you with your growth, as hard as this pain may be for you.  There are no accidents that you have this difficult person in your life.

Thank them for taking on this role to help with your growth.  They are master souls in that respect that are helping you in your growth.  Remember, that the lessons are not learned unless all the drama in your life is gone.  Only when the drama is all gone is the heart opened and fully healed.   What drama is there in your life?  Do you truly love every member of your family as if they were your own small innocent children – unconditionally and from the heart?

Make peace with all family members on Christmas Day as the energies from the solstice are at their peak on Christmas Day.  Create love in your heart as you are master creators and open up your heart as you become engulfed in the beautiful golden energies of the Christ Consciousness.  You are loved and always Divinely guided.  Give yourself the best Christmas present ever, an open heart.

Love – Andrew

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Sending all of you love and many blessings…


  1. THANK YOU , Andrew, syncronicity.. we had a meeting with 1 of my brothers we have had a long time karma.. i made a lot of karma yoga nd prayED some months
    nd as result the meeting was held with joy ease nd divine GRACE
    Anna from Italy om shanti


  2. My beautiful friend, such a timely message. Thankyou so much for this…May your day be filled with lots of magic with your family. Merry Christmas to you! Sending you so much love….Jo xxx


    1. Jo, thank you so much…I keep thinking of you and we need to connect on Skype…I hope you had a fantastic Christmas…Wishing you and all your loved ones nothing but love and happiness and warm blessings…


  3. Thank you very much dear Andy for this wonderful and beautiful message ! I wish you a Merry Christmas ! Love and blessings, Geraldine


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