My Higher Self: How to Cope With Relationships and the Existing Energies

energiesYou just had the Merkabah energies hit you. You just had the Lion’s Gate energies hit you. The Lion’s Gate is a pretty powerful energy. It may have affected you in many ways. Be careful of your thoughts these days.

These energies will bring out a lot of things that need to be released for you and they will shake you up in a way that maybe you are not used to or maybe you are not prepared for.

You will see this in relationships with your friends, with your family members, with your spouses, children, or parents. These energies are bringing up to the surface things that may have been hidden for a while, things that maybe have been suppressed, things that maybe you have not been ready to face; things in the past that may have happened that maybe you suppressed.

Maybe you have had a fight or argument with someone and it never got resolved, there was never closure, words were said. Maybe both people were hurt and it just went away, but there was no resolution.

Well, that resolution is coming up to the surface. Whatever was said or unresolved that maybe was hidden in a box on the closet shelf with the door closed; that box is now screaming to come out. It’s tired of just sitting there. It’s tired of not being looked at. So be careful as these things will come up and you will be quick to respond in situations in your life now.

Maybe you are with someone, a good friend, maybe a family member, and something is said to you which you are not going to resonate with because your energy is higher maybe than the person you are with. It’s very easy to fall into a criticism mode, a judgment mode to tell them how wrong they are and that you are right.

That might be true, they may be wrong. But be careful how you tell them. Be careful how you approach them. Be careful with the words that you choose to make your point. Every time you do this, regardless of your words, there is an implication that there is a separation.

With that, there is a meaning that they are wrong, and that you are right. And this is not Oneness. So, there is a way to deal with this. The way you deal with this is by not engaging. If someone tells you something and you feel that they are wrong or you feel that they are not correct, and you feel that your position is accurate and is the better position, instead of engaging and telling them that they are wrong, you just be quiet. Let them talk.

They will eventually say what they want to say. They will push themselves at you and their ego will look for a fight. But remember, it takes two to fight. And when there is nobody to fight with, their ego cannot fight. So your ego, in that sense, must be in check. You are the one as a light worker, as an evolved higher being, as a higher energy being; you are the one that has to transcend that lower reality.

And you do this with kindness, and with your love. As hard as that may be for you. As hard as it may be to want to come right back at them and say “oh no, you are wrong, and I’m right.” Sometimes you just have to bite your tongue. Let them talk. What good is it going to do to fight? Even if you win that fight?

Even if you tell them they are wrong? And even if you are 100% right and you know you are? What good is it going to be to be right? Are you really going to be happy if you are right? Are they going to be happy? How are you going to feel? Yes, you might be right. But you have hurt them. How are they feeling?

They are feeling pretty low that they are wrong and they are feeling as if you have won and that they have lost. So there is pain on the subconscious level there. And now this person is going to want to shove this loss into their little box and put that box in their closet. So in that sense, you have kind of helped them creating that box.

And this is really separation. It is not love and it is not Oneness. If this happens to you and you see yourself in a confrontational situation and someone is pushing your buttons, pushing you into a fight or whatever it is that they are doing, just let them be. Do not let these energies do things to you that is really not inside of you.

Your consciousness level is higher. When you respond this way, in this love way, with no confrontation, with no engagement in this drama, when you do this, you are evolving even more. You are ascending even more or becoming closer because we ascend all the time, in little steps. It’s not just one ascension and you are done.

Every time you master an emotion, every time you do something where you transcend an emotion, you grow and you learn that lesson. And once the lesson is learned, you will never see it again. The other person may not have learned that lesson. Do not stoop to their level because you are then back at the bottom.

These energies are bringing out all the little things that are still there that need to be resolved. So let them bring this up, let the energies come up. Just accept it. Master yourself, master Self! When you have done that, you will be at a higher energy resonance, a higher consciousness, and you will master Self and when you ascend, you will be an ascended master.

So just be careful of your thoughts because you do manifest everything that you are feeling, everything that you are thinking. Always think of happy thoughts, always be in a good mood. If someone is bothering you, if they are being mean to you or pushing your buttons, be nice, and do not engage.

If need be, let them go and love them from a distance. When they are ready, they will come back. And they will understand what they have done, and what they have not done. And then they can be at your level.

Love – Andrew

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