45 Questions and Answers on Energy and Healing

questions_answers_8Hi everyone, I wanted to try something different.  Below are 45 questions and answers to help you understand healing and energy a little better.

Rather than just writing this out in paragraph form, I though this would be easier to digest in a question and answer format.

Let me know if you like this format and I will continue it.  Also, I will be holding healing classes where I will be teaching energy healings for those that are interested.  I will have a new post about this shortly.  We need healers at these times and this is a wonderful way to be of service.

The classes will be very detailed and hands on where I will go over everything in great detail with respect to what I do when I perform energy healings.  I think you will all love the classes as you become wonderful energy healers.

Scroll down for the 45 questions and answers.  Sending all of you lots of love and many blessings..

Love – Andrew

1. Q.  Do we have an inner and an outer aura?

A. Yes.

2. Q.  What do the inner and outer auras follow?

A.  They compose the energy field in which you live and they follow the contours of your physical body.

3. Q.  Why is it that you get sick?

A.  You get sick because of an energy leak in your outer or inner aura.

4. Q. Can anyone heal?

A. Yes.

5. Q.  What does it take to heal?

A. A willingness or intention to heal.

6. Q.  What is the energy or life-force called that surrounds us?

A.  Ki energy or prana energy.

7.  Q. How does a person get healed?

A.  The healer projects Ki energy into the person getting healed thereby healing that person.

8. Q.  What are the three major sources of Ki energy?

A.  Sun, air and ground energy.

9. Q.  What is sun prana energy?

A.  This is solar prana that is absorbed by the body.  It is basically the sunlight.

10. Q.  What is the ground prana energy?

A.  This energy is from Mother Earth.

11. Q.  How does ground prana energy enter us?

A.  Through the soles of our feet.

12. Q. What is air prana energy?

A.  It is the ozone prana energy and we receive it from deep breathing and slow breathing.

13. Q.  What are energy centers called?

A. Chakras of the inner and outer aura.

14. Q.  What is the inner and outer aura called?

A.  Our ethereal body.

15. Q. Do trees exude a lot of excess prana energy?

A. Yes.

16. Q.  What can a sick person do to get well?

A.  Lie down under a tree and verbally request the being of the tree to help you get well.

17. Q.  Can Ki energy be projected to another person for a healing?

A. Yes.

18. Q.  Do people that are depleted of energy tend to absorb energy from those people that have an excess of energy?

A.  Yes.

19. Q.  Why is it that you feel tired or drained after you hang out with someone for no apparent reason?

A.  Because that person may have absorbed your energy.

20. Q.  How does an energy healer verify where the sickness or energy leak in a person he or she is trying to heal?

A.  By sensitizing the finger tips and eyes so he or she can feel and scan the aura of the person being healed.

21. Q.  Do you need to close your eyes to heal?

A. No, you just need your intention.  Just concentrate on this.

22.  Q.  Is regular meditation advisable to be a healer?

A.  Yes.

23. Q.  Should treatment of a healing begin with a prayer or invocation?

A.  Yes.

24. Q.  Does soothing music help to heal?

A. Yes.

25. Q. What helps the body heal itself?

A.  Relaxing the mind.

26. Q. Should you focus on the pain and try to remove it when you are sick?

A. No.

27. Q.  What should you do when you are sick?

A.  Ignore the pain and divert your attention to something that is pleasant.  This will speed up the healing

28. Q.  What else should you do if you are sick?

A.  Drink energized water (that has been sitting in the sun) and recuperate under a tree.  Also contact a spiritual guide by visualizing.

29. Q.  What visualization should I use to help remove my pain or discomfort?

A.  Visualize that you are in a beautiful garden among beings of light.  This visualization does not need to be very clear and it will help divert your attention from your discomfort allowing your condition to be improved and your pain should be gone.

30. Q.  Is there a vital energy in the human body that is responsible for the maintenance of your physical health?

A.  Yes, there is an energy field that exists around your physical body that sustains life.

31. Q.  Do all of us have an aura?

A. Yes.

32. Q. What determines our modes of thinking, our emotional states and the quality of our health?

A. The movement and quality of circulation, rhythm and purity or Ki energy.

33. Q. What exactly is matter?

A.  It is nothing but condensed energy that is in continuous transformation.

34. Q.  Are we our body?

A.  No.

35. Q.  Is a new world taking birth?

A.  Yes.  This world already exists and its energies are coming out into form and so many people are already beginning to attune to this energy due to their higher states of consciousness.  They are part of this world already and they are citizens of this new world even though they may not know it consciously.

36. Q.  What gives meaning to the effectiveness of energy healing?

A.  The existence of the energy body, the etheric double, and it’s interaction with the physical body.

37. Q.  What is the main factor to good physical health?

A.  Restoring the flow of Ki energy.

38. Q.  Where does disease first appear?

A.  In the energy body before it manifests itself in the physical body.

39. Q. Is there an intimate connection between the physical body and the energy body?

A.  Yes.

40. Q.  Can you get a cure in the physical body by treating the energy body?

A.  Yes.

41. Q.  How is disease currently viewed in this 3d world?

A.  1.  Either as a punishment for sin – the Christian belief or 2.  Based on western medicine holding the view that disease is caused by bacteria, germs or viruses which alter our psychological functioning or defense mechanism, or by emotional stress or psychological problems or 3.  That disease is believed to be caused by an infection or allergen or some breakdown in psychological functioning and that all you need to do is remove or neutralize the invading mechanism or stress inducing situation or agency, and presto, you are cured.

42. Q.  Do all diseases respond to the above treatment?

A.  No, as most, if not all, medications have side effects.

43. Q.  What disease view is neglected by modern medical science?

A.  Reference to the energy body that we all have and its crucial role in the causation and the treatment of disease.

44. Q.  If you prey or make invocations, do you become a divine healing channel?

A.  Yes.

45. Q.  Do you need to be a clairvoyant or to be born with healing powers to heal?

A.  No.

Thank you for reading the questions and answers.  I hope you enjoyed them.

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Sending all of you love and many blessings…


  1. Hi, My name is Mercedes Niebla, I was born as a powerful healer psychic, I been doing this as a practices in Spain, London, New York. As a practices for very sick people in Hospital, I wish to find a place where I can work, I will appreciate if I can work here, or do you know maybe a place where they need me?.

    Many thanks

    Mercedes Niebla

    A tsunami of thanks to the universe


    1. Hi Mercedes…you can work from the heart..that is where I feel you are needed…You can help anyone you want with your intention and you do not need a physical place to work..sending you all my love and blessings…:)


  2. Lovely site might I say. Question can you interpret dreams? Or you don’t have the ability to do that? And sorry for the other comment


  3. Lovely site might I say. I have a question, can you interpret dreams? Or you don’t have that ability to do that?


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