46-100 Questions and Answers on Energy and Healing

questions_answers_8Q. 46. What is energy healing based on?

A.  The structure of the human body.

Q. 47.  What does the unseen energy body do?

A.  It interpenetrates the visible physical body.

Q. 48. Does the unseen energy body extend beyond the visible physical body?

A.  Yes.

Q. 49. What is another word for the unseen energy body?

A.  The etheric body.

Q. 50.  How deep does the etheric body extend beyond the visible physical body?

A.  4-5 inches

Q.  51. What does an energy healing utilize to heal the human body?

A.  Ki energy.

Q.  52.  What does an energy healing involve to heal the human body?

A.  The manipulation of Ki energy of the person’s body.

Q. 53.  What exactly is Ki energy?

A.  It is the life force or vital energy keeping the body healthy and alive.

Q. 54.  How exactly is a patient healed?

A.  The energy healer projects Ki energy to the patient thereby healing the patient.

Q.  55. What are the three sources of Ki energy?

A.  Solar, ground and air Ki energy.

Q. 56.  How is ground Ki energy absorbed?

A.  Through the soles of your feet.

Q. 57.  Is ground energy absorbed automatically and unconsciously?

A. Yes.

Q. 58.  Does walking barefoot increase the amount of ground Ki energy absorbed by the body?

A.  Yes.

Q. 59.  How is air Ki energy absorbed?

A.  Through breathing.

Q.  60.  What are energy centers of the etheric body called?

A.  Chakras.

Q. 61.  Is air Ki energy absorbed by the chakras (energy centers) of the etheric body by breathing?

A.  Yes.

Q. 62.  Is more Ki air prana absorbed by the lungs by deep and slow rhythmic breathing?

A.  Yes.

Q. 63.  Should you avoid short and shallow breathing?

A.  Yes, more air Ki energy is absorbed by deep, slow and rhythmic breathing.

Q. 64.  How is solar Ki energy absorbed?

A.  From the sunlight.

Q. 65.  How can you absorb solar Ki energy?

A.  By being in the sun (but not too long though) or by drinking water that has been exposed to the sun.

Q. 66. How else can you absorb Ki energy?

A.  By eating fresh food.

Q. 67.  Is there more Ki energy in fresh food or preserved food?

A.  In fresh food.

Q. 68.  Do people with a lot of Ki energy tend to make people around them feel better and more livelier?

A.  Yes.

Q. 69.  Do people who are depleted of Ki energy tend to unconsciously absorb Ki energy from others?

A. Yes.  Do you know people that tend to make you feel tired or drained for no reason?

Q. 70. What exudes a lot of Ki energy?

A.  Trees.

Q. 71.  Should you be around trees?

A.  Yes.

Q. 72.  What should you do if you are sick or tired?

A.  Lie down under trees and request the being of the tree to help you get well.

Q. 73.  How can you absorb Ki energy from trees?

A.  Through your palms so the body tingles and may become numb due to the amount of Ki energy absorbed.

Q. 74.  Do certain places have more Ki energy than other places?

A.  Yes, they are highly energized places.

Q. 75.  When do people get sick?

A.  When there is bad whether as there is a decrease in solar and air Ki energy.  That is when they may feel mentally and physically sluggish or become susceptible to infectious diseases.

Q. 76. Is there more Ki energy during the day or the night?

A.  During the day.

Q. 77.  What hours of the day have the lowest Ki energy?

A.  Between 3-4 AM in the morning.

Q. 78.  Is every person surrounded by and interpenetrated by an energy body called the etheric body?

A.  Yes.

Q. 79. Does the etheric body mirror the physical body?

A.  Yes, it has a head, 2 eyes, etc. and it looks like the physical body.

Q. 80. What is the living energy body made up of?

A.  Etheric matter.

Q. 81. Through what body is the Ki energy absorbed and distributed through the whole physical body?

A. The etheric body.

Q. 82.  Where does bioplasmic come from?

A.  Bio.

Q. 83.  What does bio mean?

A.  Life and plasma.

Q. 84.  What is the 4th state of matter?

A.  Plasma.

Q. 85.  What are the first three states of matter?

A.  Solid, liquid and gas.

Q. 86. What is plasma?

A. Ionized gas with positive and negative charged particles.

Q. 87. Is plasma the same as blood plasma?

A.  No.

Q. 88. What is the bioplasmic body?

A.  The living energy body made up of invisible subtle matter or etheric matter.

Q. 89.  What helps to see the bioplasmic body?

A. Kurlian photography.

Q. 90. What are meridians?

A.  Invisible cosmic channels through which Ki energy and bioplasmic matter flow to be distributed throughout the etheric body.  This is just like the physical body having blood vessels through which blood flows.

Q. 91. How are meridians broken down?

A.  There are several major ones and thousands of minor meridians.

Q. 92.  How does Ki energy flow?

A.  Through the meridians or channels flow Ki energy that nourishes and invigorates the whole body.

Q. 93.  How does acupuncture work?

A.  It uses needles to manipulate the vital energy within the body to cure the ailment.

Q. 94. How are needles used in acupuncture?

A. Needles are used to redistribute the excess Ki energy in the body to the affected part.  The congested Ki energy in the diseased part is redistributed to other parts of the body.  The blocked meridians or bioplasmic channels are cleansed or opened by directing Ki energy to the blocked meridians.

Q. 95. What is reflexology?

A.  Same as acupuncture but the healer intentionally or unintentionally uses his or her excess Ki energy.  This excess Ki energy is directed to the acupressure point which goes to the meridian or bioplasmic channel and then the affected part.

Q. 96. Does a healer need to be proficient before they can be a good healer?

A.  Yes.

Q. 97. What does it take to be a proficient healer?

A.  Any healthy person with average intelligence, an average ability to concentrate, an open mind and a certain degree of persistence can learn to be an energy healer.

Q. 98. What does it take to be a proficient healer?

A.  Practice, patience and time.

Q. 99.  What is the inner aura?

A.  The luminous energy field which follows the contour of the visible physical body and extends beyond it 4-5 inches.  It is the bioplasmic body that interpenetrates the visible physical body.

Q. 100.  Do auras differ from person to person?

A. Yes.  They differ in color, character expressing the health, emotional and spiritual attributes of the person.

Thank you for reading the questions and answers.  I hope you enjoyed them.

Andrew – Love

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