My Higher Self: The Christ Consciousness is Now Anchored on Mother Earth

images4HP0BE5RYou are entering a time and space where co creation will be the norm. Oneness will overcome individualism. Your creations will be created in groups as your soul families are reaching and finding each other.

These are such glorious times. You will be manifesting your co-creations in the times ahead. What do you want to create? How do you want to live? The love that is currently flowing on Mother Earth is amazing. There is so much love that is affecting every soul at this time.

Your energies and anchoring of the incoming energies are truly having a tremendous impact on the collective consciousness. You are to be commended as all of heaven is seeing this. You are truly the beings of light that are beaming this light and love on Mother Earth and anchoring this beautiful and needed energy.

Soon you will see shifts taking place in your conscious states. Soon you will see movement and changes in your governments, financial systems, banking systems, legal systems and all three-dimensional dichotomies. Please continue to anchor the energies of love as some souls will be confused and fearful.

The change is coming and it will be here soon. You have been hearing this and reading this from other channelings. Believe it. It is coming. So much beauty awaits you. So much love awaits you. You are the light bearers. It is always in the giving that you start the receiving. You have been giving so much of yourselves and soon the receiving will begin.

The balance of masculine and feminine energies need to be restored. No longer will the masculine energies rule. The feminine energies are grounded and balance is in order. Continue to work on yourselves and continue to be in your heart space. Your heart is the ascension portal and you cannot ascend if your heart is closed. Your heart is closed if you do not love yourself and if you do not forgive yourself.

Always love yourself. Always forgive yourself for anything that you have done in your life. There are never, ever, any bad choices in your life. Every single thing that you choose to do has a lesson behind it. The only bad thing that you may do is if there is bad intention on your part to hurt another soul. The law of karma then applies and you have drama in your life as there is then separation.

There is no separation and there is no drama in the higher dimensions. We are all One. You know this now. Do not engage in anyone’s drama. Do not feel you have to defend yourself if someone is attacking you. Let their ego continue to fight with itself. Soon that fight will quickly end as it takes two to fight. Rise above and beyond someone else’s ego. Rise above and rise into love as love is who you are.

Pure love, and love is the highest vibration that there is. It is Source vibration and all of you carry Source vibrations inside your I AM Presences. You are all so loved and so guided and so protected. It is time to stand in your light and stand tall in your truth. Do not worry what others will say or whether they will criticize you. Others may not know the truth yet and are not awakened yet. Allow them to continue to play in this 3D game.

Allow them to learn the lessons that you have already mastered. Once you master Self, there is no other feeling like it in the world. It is a sense of accomplishment and it is a sense of being and finding you. That is why you are here; to find yourself and to learn to love everyone unconditionally. The Christ Consciousness is now anchored on Mother Earth. Christ Consciousness is pure love.

You are now anchored in pure love. Allow your heart to open like a delicate flower and let your love flow. Let it flow to every soul on this planet. Let it flow to Syria and all the world governments. Let it flow to your family members. Nothing can stop this love from flowing from your heart. No ego or mind can overcome your beautiful heart that is filled with so much love. Love does conquer all. Light is anchored.

Darkness does not exist now as there is no darkness where the light shines. You are that light, you are that love. Stay in your heart space and lead by your example. Show others how to love from the heart. Show others how to not engage in drama and transcend this drama with your love. Hold others in that heart space that is so precious to you. People that are mad or angry or critical or judgmental need more love.

Give them love. Flood them with your love. Embrace their anger and pain and transcend it to love and send it to the light. Flood their being with the violet flame. You are so strong now and the wave is moving faster and mounting speed. You are the front of that wave and nothing will stand in the way of this love wave.

Be the wave of love and watch it convert others into love. Watch as this wave sucks up and transmutes all the anger and pain into light and love and the golden light of the Christ Consciousness. It is beautiful what you are doing. We are all so proud of you and we all stand with you as we co-create this beautiful new world out of love. So stay in love, stay happy and love yourself and every being on this planet. You are that love!! Be that love!!

Andrew – Love

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Sending all of you love and many blessings…


  1. Dear andy,

    Thank u so much for all your posts. I have requested for a healing, kindly accept it to allow me experience bliss.
    Lots of love,



  2. Hi, My question is this….if one is a healer….and is really gifted and in tune with others …why is it that they cannot sometimes over come their own illness such as arthritis etc….or getting colds and so on….thank you


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