Healings Starting on Saturday, August 22, 2015…

I’m Starting The Energy Healings Again…

My energy healings will resume on Saturday, August 22, 2015. I will be doing these energy healings every Saturday after this date at 10:00 AM, California time.  Each energy healing will last approximately one hour.  So if you miss the healing, do not worry, you can still get one the following Saturday.

The reason for this change is to accommodate everyone that is interested in an energy healing without everyone having to wait a long time to receive an individual energy healing from me.  As mentioned in a prior post, I have been receiving so many healing requests.  This has caused a waiting list to be almost a year long and a lot of people would like immediate assistance as so much is coming up for them to be released as they search and have awakened to the Light.

In the past, I was able to do one energy healing per day as I have other family and financial commitments.  With this new change, everyone can receive an energy healing without having to wait.  In addition, they can receive an energy healing every Saturday, if they are interested, to help them release all that is not of the Light.

Some of the things I will do during the energy healing…

1.  I will bring in the Ascended Masters, Angels and Arch Angels and all Higher Light Beings of Light to be present with you during the Energy Healing.

2.  I will ask that all of your past imperfections and misqualified energies be recalled and these imperfections consumed and transmuted.

3.  I will call on the Law of Forgiveness asking that you receive help consuming all past creations in the consuming flame being consciously aware that it is the active Presence of God in you that is doing the consuming.

4.  I will ask that all Beings of Light send you Love and Light so that you are “over-lit” in the Light and flooded with the White and Golden Light of God and The Christ Light.

5.  I will connect you with your “I AM Presence” so that you will feel closer to your Divinity and so that you can better remember who you truly are, as a beautiful and perfect son/daughter of God.

6.  I will place and surround you with a great electronic belt/circle – visualizing it perfect with no breaks in its construction – and qualify and initially build it with God’s Mighty Love and constructive power. This will help you to deal with the outer things around you and in your life.

Step #1 – What to do if you are interested in an energy healing…

1. Please send an e-mail to andy.bojarski@verizon.net and include a recent head-shot of yourself so I can connect with your energy.

2. Let me know in this e-mail what you would like to have healed with the energy healing (identify physical issues or emotional issues).

3. Let me know also where you are physically located and include your birthday (day and month only).

If I have this information, it will help me to energetically connect with you during the energy healing.  Do not worry that the energy healing is not just you and me and that others are part of the healing.  The energies will get to you and the same effect will be there as if the healing was one on one with you and me.

Step #2 – What to do before to prepare for the healing…

iamoct1. Study and familiarize yourself with the picture on the left. You, in your human form, are at the bottom. The body above you is your mental body and the body at the top is your electronic body, your “I AM Presence,” and is your Glorious and Perfect God-Self. You will be connecting with your “I AM Presence” during the energy healing.

2. Do the self-healing audio visualization. You can find this self-healing MP3 file HERE.

3. Have the intention of forgiveness in the heart and look back on your life and recall all situations where you have hurt another with your words or actions through arguments and fights. It does not matter whether you were right. You will bring them into the healing.

4. Energy healings require self-work. This means you must do the work. You must be honest with yourself and about your life. When you ask yourself why are you in pain, and really meditate on this, you will realize that all physical, mental, and emotional pain, is self-generated pain. If you created this pain, you can remove this pain. God does not punish you. You compel yourself to go through these experiences since you misqualified the perfect God energy that flows through you through your thoughts and feelings that were not of Love.

Step #3 – What to do during the energy healing…

1. Lie down in a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed for one hour. Make sure your house-guests and pets do not bother you for one hour.

2. Turn off all phone ringers and go to the restroom before you lie down.

3. Wear comfortable clothing and remove your shoes.

4. Light a candle if you have one to show gratitude to all Light Beings and Ascended Masters that will be with you during the energy healing.

5. Play background meditation music if this will help you to relax. Do not have any headphones on or earbuds; only background music.

6. As you are lying there, relax yourself and your body and see and FEEL yourself engulfed with White Light. Feel the White Light coming to you and see yourself in a bubble of White Light. Feel this White Light removing all stress, pain, anxiety, worry, fear and any physical pain from your body.

7. If you have physical pain, focus and tell the White Light to go to the areas of your physical body where the pain is at.

Step #4 – What you may experience during the energy healing…

1. A deep sense of relief, like something is removed or lifted from you.

2. You may cry or laugh.

3. You may feel Beings of Light and/or Ascended Masters around you.

4. You may feel being lifted from your body.

5. You may fee discomfort in certain parts of your body but not physical pain.

6. You may feel coldness or heat in certain parts of your body or your entire body.

7. You may feel nothing or a combination of all of the above.

8. To read what others have felt, click the testimonials page.

Step #5 – What to do when the energy healing is over…

1. Continue to lie there for a few minutes allowing the energies to be incorporated into your body.

2. Drink lots of water.

3. Do not do any physical exercises or strenuous activities.

4. Contemplate on what happened and your life.

5. Have gratitude in your heart and thank all Beings of Light that were there helping you.

6. E-mail me with your experience so I can see what experiences you had. I love hearing what my friends went through.  It is OK if you did not feel anything. Everyone feels and experiences different things.  Please do not think that this did not work and help you if you did not experience anything.  Doubt is a block.  You must KNOW in your heart this has helped you.

Step #6 – What you can expect moving forward…

1. Your intuition will be heightened and you will feel more confident in your decisions.

2. Lots of stuff may come up to be released that has been suppressed within you.  All that is latent is coming up now to be consumed and removed as you have started your path to ascension and towards the Light.

3. You may see things more clearly that are wrong and right.  And your physical and emotional pain may disappear.

4. Your heart will expand more and you may see yourself so much more emotional.

5. You may stop eating meat, and your addictions to drugs, alcohol, smoking, or other things may suddenly go away as your consciousness has been raised.

6. People, friends, and family, yes family, may see you as different as their energy resonance has stayed the same.

7. Again, every person experiences different things based on what they need. To see what others have experienced, click on the Testimonials.


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