My Experience From Today’s Energy Healing…

Just WOW!!!

So today was the first energy healing that I did that was open to anyone that wanted to get an energy healing. As mentioned in an earlier posting, I will do these energy healings every Saturday at 10:00 AM California time for an hour.

Anyone can participate. You just have to lie down for an hour, be undisturbed during this time, and connect to the Christ Light, your I AM Presence. You connect by having the intention to connect and stilling the outer and envisioning yourself engulfed in White Light.

I wanted to tell you what I felt during this energy healing that I just completed and what my inner sight revealed. Let me just say that it was just unbelievable and cannot be put into words. However, I will do my best to explain it in words. I am writing this right after the energy healing as the visions and memories are still so fresh in my awareness and consciousness.

Before the energy healing I felt a huge wave of love. I usually will stand over my bed as I do these energy healings and I did so with this energy healing. I have meditative music playing in the background. As I do the energy healing, my eyes are closed and I usually move my hands and arms in different locations around me and over the bed based on what my inner sight revels and what I feel is right.

So as I started the energy healing with my eyes closed, I felt an immediate wave of Love and Light fill my essence, throughout my entire body. I then felt and saw with my inner sight Arch Angel Michael come to me. It was as it there was no ceiling in my room.

He came in from above and I gave him a big hug and told him how much I have missed him and how much I love him. He immediately started placing an energy field / bubble around me and it started filling up with White Light.

As this was happening I felt so much energy coming into me from my Presence and was radiating pure gold. I then saw and felt us being raised upward. I saw myself standing there on the floor as I was hovering at the ceiling and then we went higher and higher. We then went into the atmosphere and were in the astral realm.

The astral realm lies above the earth a few miles out. I asked Arch Angel Michael to stop and called on Master Astrea at that time. Master Astrea work with souls in the astral realm and helps them to come to the Light.

As He came forth, I asked him to bring all the hearts in the astral realm into my heart, into the heart of the One. I felt and saw all bodies and souls coming close to me. Lots of darkness, pain, suffering, guilt, shame, self-pit, criticism, judgment, etc…all emotions that are not of the Light and the respective beings carrying these emotions were close to me…billions of them I might add. I felt them then coming into me, one by one. It happened so fast.

As this was happening, I was seeing glimpses of death, destruction, pain…wars, killings…all that Mother Earth had experienced in the past was but a quick slideshow in my inner sight entering me one slide at a time as each soul entered. It was the most unique experience I have ever had in my life. At this time I am feeling so much and crying so much.

Once this was finished, I continued to move upward past the earth and then could see the earth, like the astronauts do above. At that time I was myself wearing this white robe. It was of a material that form fitted my body. But I was not Andy, I was my I AM Presence at that time. As I was walking, or floating with Arch Angel Michael, I saw my healing chamber that I normally perform my healings in. It is circular in nature. But this time it was so huge.

Then all the Ascended Masters were there to greet me. So many, thousands upon thousands. I saw all the Arch Angels, and there were angels above the healing chamber that were singing. On the outside, I saw so many Beings of Light. It was a sight that I cannot describe into words. I have never seen so much Light and Love.

Again, it just cannot be placed into words. At this point I fell to my knees in the deepest love and gratitude and humbleness that I can have and was crying so much. Jesus then appeared and lifted me up and gave be the biggest hug I have ever experienced.

Then Saint Germain came and hugged me as well and lifted me from my knees. I felt so good and looked up and saw this massive round ball of Light, Source. This Light was flooding me so much. As this was happening, my inner Light grew and more golden Light radiated from within me.

Then all the Masters formed a circle around the healing chamber and all other Beings of Light from all of creation formed a circle around the Masters. It was such an awesome sight to see. At that point I knew I was ready, so then I started to see all the people that I have done healings for in the past form an inner circle below the circle of the Ascended Masters. I literally saw each name of each person identified on my website come to life and was standing there in a circle.

Then I saw and felt each person that has asked for a healing from me also be in a circle as well. So many people were there. But there is more.

I then saw myself asking all of humanity to come forth and they did. All of humanity was coming forth from Earth as we looked upon Earth. There was a trail of people, billions upon billions, walking on air and space coming to the healing chamber. They all started to form circles and circles around the healing chamber. I then asked all the beings from the astral world that I held in my heart to come forth and they exited from me and formed circles around humanity.

After all this, all of humanity was there, alive on earth or those who have been through the change called death stuck in the astral world waiting to reincarnate to try again. Mind you, I am seeing all of this with my inner sight as clearly as I see someone talking to me consciously.

Once everyone was in place, I started sweeping and having a hand movement from left to right and then right to left. I saw myself removing all the discord, darkness, pain, hurt, shame, guilt, self-pity..etc. All things that were not of the Light were being swept away and sent to the Light. This was a cleansing of humanity at this point. All the Masters and higher light beings were sending their love and radiance to consume these imperfections and holding the energy space.

After the cleansing, I called on the law of forgiveness and felt this energy come in and I projected this energy to all of humanity that was in these circles. I then asked all the angels to go to each person that was standing in a circle and open up their hearts and pull love from their hearts.

I saw love flowing from each human heart and being pushed forward into a space that was in the center of the healing chamber. This ball of love grew and grew and grew. It was a collective love of all of humanity. This love was designed to balance all of the misqualified energies that all of humanity has miscreated and misqualified through their thoughts, feelings, and emotions that were not of love. I then raised this ball of love and it exploded, pouring out love to all of creation balancing the misqualified energies.

So much pink energies flooded all of creation and all of life in all of the Universes, Omniverses, and Multiverses. It is too much to explain and put in words. Just know so much happened as this love bomb exploded for the good of humanity.

After this happened, I called on the keepers of the healing rays to come forth. Then one by one, the rays came forth. First, the red liquid ray of Light was above me and flowed down onto all of humanity cleansing, clearing, and purifying. This healed all the physical cells and emotional issues that you may be experiencing. Then, the orange ray, then the gold ray, then the green ray, then the blue ray, and finally the violet ray. Lastly, the white Light of Source bathed all of humanity.

After this happened, I called Saint Germain and he came forth. I asked him to bathe each soul in the violet cleansing and purifying ray and flame. I was engulfed in violet and the violet flame. I saw this flame. It was so beautiful. I saw it encircling all of humanity that was standing in a circle around the healing chamber.

It then intensified and was moving in a clockwise direction starting from the ground and moving up. As this was happening, my eyes are closed and I am directing this flame with my hands and arms. The energy of this violet flame was so intense and my whole body was literally shaking and feeling so wonderful.

When this was completed, I called in Mother Mary and she appeared. I asked her to place her sacred heart into all of humanity. As I said this, a great friend of mine showed up, Vanessa B, from Canada. She was apparently Mother Mary’s helper and someone I did an energy healing on a while back.

I pulled out my heart and Mother Mary pulled out her heart and it became one. Then, Vanessa gently took this heart and started placing it to each soul and this was multiplied quickly until all of humanity and beings in the astral world had this sacred heart within them.

Then the three fold flame of the sacred heart started to burn and consume each soul. First the blue flame of power came in, then the gold flame of wisdom came in and finally the pink flame of love. Once this was finished I called upon Jesus to come forth. I saw Him come and be present with me and he then entered my body and we were One. At that point I called upon the Christ Consciousness Light to come and was again filled with the White Light and radiated even more gold.

I called upon all I AM Presences of each human to be close to them and then flooded the Presences with this Christ Consciousness Light. I then saw myself gently pushing the Presences down to each soul making them One with their Presence allowing for quicker awakening.

So much gold Light and radiance was filling the healing space and chamber and each soul was lit up in gold. The auras of each soul were filled with so much Christ Consciousness it was truly amazing.

Once this was completed, I called Source to be present and saw this massive amazing heart above all of us that were in this healing chamber. This massive heart then started to come down and were in the heart of the Father, the One!

At that time I asked that a chair be placed next to each human being that was there…and all of humanity, billions upon billions, had a chair next to them.

I asked each soul to sit in the chair. All sat in the chair. I then asked the individual I AM Presence of each soul to raise the human to be one with the Presence. When I said this, so much Light from each individual I AM Presence was being lit and a bridge was formed from the human sitting in the chair to the I AM Presence, the higher self, of each person, above the human. This was a raising, a merging of the human body.

The human body and all its imperfections was being raised and becoming One with the mental body and finally One with the Electronic Body, the I AM PRESENCE-Your Perfect Godself. This was the ascension. This was the mass ascension. This was your raising of the body into the Father’s heart. I saw you being raised from your chair. I was moving you up from the chair.

This was your ascension…this is what Jesus experienced 2,000 years ago and what each human must experience CONSIOUSLY while alive to be in the Father’s Heart. This is what each of you will also experience. You are so close just by reading this as the energies of Source are in this post. Do you feel them NOW? Take a moment and feel this Love of God in you now!!

I saw all human bodies in chairs being raised upward to the Light. I was crying so much and moving my hands and arms upwards with such feeling and intensity. To see all of humanity ascend together is beyond words. To see you go back to the Father’s heart is a feeling that you must FEEL.

As you all ascended at this point, based on this inner sight vision, you all came back as LIGHT beings, no longer in human flesh standing by your chairs. I then gave a speech to everyone, as a Messenger of God that I AM, thanking you for your journey on Earth and that you are free.

The joy that was there was beyond words. I then asked all of you to go back to Earth and thank Mother Earth for what she has given you. I asked you to shine your Light to all the animals, to the Nature Kingdom, to the Elemental Kingdom, to all the animals, to the air, to the landscape, to all the waters, to all the physical land masses.

I asked you to then raise Lumaria and Atlantis and bring back all lost continents, and civilizations. I asked you to send Light to all of Earth…

I saw all of you leave, like small fireflies to Earth and I watched with all the Masters as the earth was lit up. So much Light was on Earth. Gaia was so happy. So much love flowed in Oneness to all life on Earth. I then, with the assistance of the Masters, raised Mother Earth into the Light where she was shining in the Light with other planets and life.

Finally Source Light came upon me from above and I brought in all the love that I could muster, pulled again all the love of all humanity and made a ball and raised it up again. This time, I asked all the Elohim, the builders of life, to break up this ball and send it forth to create new life. The ball exploded and life continues.

You can take what you want from this post. It is filled with such high vibrational energy that it is a healing in and of itself. It is written immediately after the healing and has such high radiance in these words.

Please join me every Saturday at 10:00 AM California time when I will do another healing. These healings will lift you up, and your I AM Presence will give you what you need. You are the creator of everything in your life. If you are struggling, go within and ask why is there struggle.

Remember, your thoughts, feelings, and emotions bring in your reality. Have love in the heart, feel the connection to your Divinity and create from the heart. God never ever wanted you to have any lack of anything. You have all you need within you. Connect and meditate and you will have your answers.

Do not look to the outer, but always look to the inner. God is perfection and so are you. You are perfect and loved so much. If you can only see yourself for a second as your true son/daughter of God that you are in the Light, life would change for you in a split second. I love all of you from the heart and I AM sending all of you my Divine Love and Blessings…

Andrew – Love

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