My Higher Self: The Universal Law of “On Earth As It Is In Heaven”

HeavenMother/Father God cares for you as you care for your own children: On Earth As It Is In Heaven, As above, So Below.  This is a Universal Law that is followed.  Whatever touches your heart also touches God’s heart.  There is no difference on Earth as there is in heaven.  God loves you like you love your children.   On Earth As It Is In Heaven, As above, So Below.

How do you respond to someone that is nice to you, someone that smiles at you, or someone that is kind to you?  You are nice back to them and you smile back.  You warm up to that person.  So, when you are good to yourself or any of God’s souls, the Universe, and all the Universal Beings will warm up to you.  On Earth As It Is In Heaven, As above, So Below.

You try to live up to someone’s faith if they have faith in you.  God will respond to your faith if you have faith in God.  On Earth As It Is In Heaven, As above, So Below.

How you respond to things is how the Universe will respond to you.  How do you respond and feel when someone is enthusiastic about something?  You feel motivated to act when someone is enthusiastic.  You feel happy, thankful and gracious and have gratitude when someone is generous.  God and the universe feel the same things when you are happy, thankful and gracious.

The energies in the Universe will support how you act and feel.  God responds the same way.  It is so important in these times now to watch your actions, watch your feeling, and watch your thoughts as you are manifesting these things and your reality in your life very fast given the increase of energies on Mother Earth.

When you appreciate and say thank you for what you have, you will manifest more of these wonderful things.  The Universe will support you.  When you are happy, heaven and the Universe rejoices.  God wants you to do what gives you fulfillment, a sense of worth and joy.  For every one step towards God you make, God takes two towards you.  Stay happy and joyful.  God does not want you to live in a life of misery.  But you have free will and you manifest your reality every day in this NOW based on your thoughts and actions and words.

How do you respond to every situation will determine how you will feel and what will manifest physically for you.  You can feel good or you can feel bad.  It really is your choice.

Do you empower your children to make free choices and provide them guidance?  Understand that your child has a choice of whether to listen to you.  And do you support your child regardless of that choice even if they ignore your guidance?  On Earth As It Is In Heaven, As above, So Below. God gives us guidance in meditation, dreams, or through the use of our intuition.

At the same time, God gives us entirely free choice about whether we accept it or not and supports us unconditionally, whichever path we choose.  The same you should do with your children.  Support your children unconditionally, regardless of the choices they make, even if the choices may not be good choices based on your opinion.  Your child may have a different opinion.  You do not walk in their shoes.  You do not live their lives.

Allow your child to learn and grow by their experiences and their choices.  Your experiences are different.  God is not attached to you making a particular decision or choice regarding something in your life.  Neither should you be about your child.  However, always remember, that your soul is longing for you to choose the path of greatest spiritual growth.  Allowing your child to experience life based on their decisions and experiences is allowing you to choose the path of your greatest spiritual growth.

Most people however learn from selfish experiences and choices that ultimately lead to failure, misery, and ill-health.  When you act from your own selfish desire and control, you will most likely feel bad.  What happens when you try to force something on your child and your child resists, even if you feel that this is in the child’s best interest?  Both of you will feel bad and hurt.  The child feels you are controlling him/her and their decisions and you feel as if they are not listening to you.  And hurt feelings come in for both of you.

Choices that promote harmony, joy, and love come from the Divine will and always empower you; selfish choices do not.  Encourage your child to express their talent and do not be attached to your child following one pathway.  Love your children unconditionally and let them learn by making their own choice.  That is what the universe does.  You can always give them your advice and opinion but your child needs to make the choice and you should love your child regardless of the choice.

Any fear-based choices come from you lower will.  Choices that are courageous and wise will result in abundance, good health and lots of happiness for you.  Allow your child to make their own choices.  If the choice is a bad choice, your child will learn from that choice and growth and learning and development will happen.  This helps your child’s soul develop.

Do not be attached to any choice as the choice is not yours to make.  Your children will thank you for it and you will feel good.  This is how the Universe works.  On Earth As It Is In Heaven, As above, So Below.

No matter what mistakes you are making on Earth, Mother/Father God holds a vision of your future as an enlightened person and as you learn and experience on Earth, God waits without judgment.  New doors are opened for you when you are ready.  Just look at your kids.  Just look how much YOU have grown in the last few years.  The lessons you have learned.  Life is SO wonderful.  Embrace life daily. Be happy, be filled with love and be filled with joy.

Be filled with gratitude and ask the Universe for anything that you want and live like you already have it.  It will come.  God will give it to you.  God wants you to be happy.  But you have to be ready and you have to trust.  Be good to yourself and be good to all of God’s beings.  How you act, what you do and how you think will manifest in your lives.  It is all about your perception, and your state of mind.  You can choose to be right or you can choose to be happy.

Be happy and be filled with love, with life.  Let go of the control.  Love is what the new vibration holds.  Without this joy, this happiness, this love, your energy level and vibration and consciousness level cannot rise.  You came here to ascend.  Subconsciously you know this.  And to ascend you MUST raise your consciousness level.  You do this by being happy, by being filled with joy and by being filled with love.  When you act and feel this way, the universe will support you and give you more of it.  And you will truly have your heaven on earth; as on earth as it is in heaven!


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  1. Hmm…I really like this post a lot. I gave my family members some hints about my passion for several times. Unfortunately, they still cling to 3D beliefs. Hopefully, someday they can let me go and allow me to do what I like…It’ll be awesome and heavenly if they can support me too…hehehe^^


    1. Thanks Mia. Most people are still in 3d. But there is a aspiritual awekening going on right now and the light is coming. Love is coming. Keep shining your light Mia. You are a beautiful soul and loved so much!! Blessings and love to you and your loved ones Mia.


  2. Beautiful post. A lot of these same thoughts have been coming to me in the past few weeks, I’m truly realizing how every moment and situation….how you react and are in each moment is the most important, no worries about the future or past. It seems so much easier to let go of past and worries about the future when you truly grasp onto the concept of how important each moment is and how you react to the moment. When you truly live in the moment, everything is absolutley amazing.


    1. Thank you so much for your comments. They really mean a great deal to me. Just live in the moment, I agree. Sending you lots and lots of love and blessings young lady…


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