How Do I Meditate – Part 2 of 2

Meditation 2This is the second part of a two-part posting on how I meditate.  You can read the first part by clicking HERE.  Be sure to read the first part before reading this second post as the second post may not make sense to you without reading the first part.  I believe that I ended the first part by telling you the affirmations that I do.

Once I complete the affirmations, I say

Angels, please be with me now.  It is my deepest intention now to pull out all the love, all the light, all the peace, all the joy, all the energy, all the blessings and all the happiness from my heart.  I would like to send all of these things to my mom, to my dad, to my brother, to my wife, to my children, to my pets and to all of my extended family.

I would also like to send these beautiful things to all the souls who I have given a healing to and all the souls who are yet to receive a healing from me and to all the souls who have been touched by my web site.  Should these souls choose to accept my love, my light, my peace, my joy, my energy, my blessings and my happiness, allow it to do for them what is in their best and highest good with pure love.  Allow it to give them happiness and peace.

So with that intention angels, please reach into my heart now and pull out and send all my love, my light, my happiness, my joy, my peace, and my healing to all of these beautiful souls. Please do this now.

Then I send this by raising my vibration higher and higher.  I do this just by being and feeling with the heart.  I feel this energy leaving my body and I see the energies around me.  They are all around me.  Meditation is about just being and feeling, not thinking.

There is much more gold, and so many different energy beings around me when I do this.  Then I do another 6 breathing exercises inhaling light and exhaling love and then I send out the love bomb.  This love bomb meditation is mind-blowing for me and it works!!

Here is what I say:

Angels it is now my intention to send out a love bomb to the center of the Earth where Gaia resides.  Again, it is my deepest intention now to pull out all the love, all the light, all the peace, all the joy, all the energy, all the blessings and all the happiness from my heart.  Please pull all of this out of my heart now and allow it to be in front of me to see.

I then wait and feel it leaving my body and being in front of me.  I feel this.  I then say:

Angels, please add the energies of anyone who has agreed to add their energies to this love bomb and allow this love bomb to grow based on the addition of these energies.

I have a few people who have agreed to allow me to add their energies in the growth of this love bomb.  There is strength in numbers.

Then I say:

Saint Germaine, please be here now.  Please wrap your beautiful violet flame and energy around this love bomb giving it transformation and transmutation energies.

He will typically acknowledge me and tell me when he has done this and then I thank him.  Then I say:

Angels, please raise this love bomb just slightly above the Earth.  I now ask Arch Angel Gabrielle to make a clarion call to all the universes, multiverses and omniverses, to wherever anyone may be at so that they can hear me.

I wait a few moments and then I say:

I ask anyone wherever you may be, if you can hear me, to voluntarily send me your love, your light, your energy, your blessing, your happiness, your joy, your support, your healing.  Please merge your intentions into this love bomb, all of you!  Grow the love bomb with your love and light and blessings for humanity and Gaia.

I then wait and I just feel.  I see things that I cannot describe to you in words.  Just know that it is wonderful.    I feel as if I am a vacuum sucking up all of this love and light from everywhere and everyone, and happiness from every being there is and I am this vacuum bag getting bigger and bigger.  I then say:

I will now count down from 12 to zero and when I reach zero, we will all collectively throw this love bomb into the center of Gaia’s heart where it will explode.  Once it explodes, it will be a tidal wave of love flowing through Earth in every direction, nothing standing in its path.  It will fill every being with love, light, happiness, joy, peace, and healing.

It will affect all the world leaders and all the governments, all judicial systems, police systems, pharmaceutical systems, corporations, religious institutions, everyone and everything.  Every heart will be affected.  All wrongs will be corrected.  All animals will be free.  Every heart will be transformed and transmuted with Saint Germaine’s violet flame.

The collective consciousness will rise.  Layers of negativity and anger will be shed and peeled off and peace on Earth will rule.  Love will prosper and humanity will ascend.  As I now count down, please continue to grow this love bomb, making it stronger and stronger.

Then I do a countdown, and I start with 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.  After I say every number, I take a deep breath inhaling light, holding it in for a three count, and then I exhale love.  Then I say a lower number, repeating the breathing until I get to zero.  My eyes are open at all times.  I envision this energy love bomb getting bigger and intensifying as all beings are sending their love to it as the countdown continues.

Their energies are in it.  After every number, the gold grows for me and more beings show up.  It is a huge spiritual party at Andy’s house and all the beings are there.  I feel their energies.  They are all looking at me and I so love this and I feel and love them.  When I get to zero I say “Checkmate,” like in the movie Independence Day.   Then I say:

Now everyone, please hold this energy love bomb and on the count of three, let’s collectively drop it in the center of Earth, and let it explode into Gaia’s heart filling all life on Earth and beyond with pure Love.  One, Two, Three.

When I say three, I see this love bomb being projected from the sky past me and blowing up and exploding in Gaia’s heart.  And let me tell you when that love bomb explodes, this wave or massive energy comes over me literally jolting me.  There is a fish tank in the room that I meditate in and the fish all flutter around and my 2 dogs bark when this love bomb explodes.  Animals are more sensitive to energies.

Then I am in a sea of love just floating around with every other energy being.  Just GOLD, GOLD, GOLD.  I see myself in the ceiling looking down seeing myself with not a care in the world.  I am blissful!!!

After I settle down, I say:

Thank you everyone who has been with me during this meditation.  Angels please reach in my heart and send out my love and gratitude to my Guardian Angels, my Ascension Angels, my Arch Angels, my Seraphim Angels, my Universal Angels and to all the Angels that are here who I have not mentioned.

Thank you to my Mom, to my Spirit Guide, to my Master Guides, to Jesus, to all the Ascended Masters, to Saint Germaine, to Lady Nada, to Sananda, to Lady Portia and to all the Company of Heaven and of course to Mother / Father God.  Please reach in my heart now angels and send this love and gratitude to yourselves now.

Again, when I do this, so much love is projected at me, and so much gold.  I just can’t describe it in words.  Then I say:

If there is anyone that is here who would like to give me message feel free to do so now.

Then various Light Beings pop in and talk to me.  I feel their energies and I see their energies.  All is communicated telepathically.  Most of the messages are about how I am doing, personal messages, what I need to be doing, who I am and what my role here is on Earth regarding ascension.

The beings that have talked to me include Lady Nada, Sananda, Jesus, Saint Germaine, Lady Portia, Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel Metatron, Arch Angel Gabrielle, Arch Angel Raphael, and Mother / Father God.  Each has a different energy and a different telepathic voice.  It is truly amazing.  You do not have to believe me or anything that I say in this post.  I know it is real and I know it is truth.  It is not a book or channeling I am reading or a YouTube video I am watching.  I see it, and I experience it in my conscious state.  Then I say:

Angels, please release any excess energy from my body through my legs into Gaia’s heart so she can use the energy as she sees fit.

I then start coming down to Earth from my meditation.  After the meditation, I go to the bathroom and look in the mirror.  Again the energy just raises itself, gold surrounds me and I am not myself in the mirror, I am a beautiful glowing light body being, all energy and love.  Another confirmation that it is all true.

So that is my daily meditation experience.  Now you know why I am always happy when I talk to you.  It is real and it is making a difference in raising the collective consciousness.  We need this.  Meditations help so much.  Collective meditations with positive intent are even stronger.

I will be asking in another post for anyone that is interested to consciously allow me to include your energy in the love bomb.  Let’s grow the number of people who are participating in this meditation.  There is so much strength in numbers.  And I want to be reunited with very special person in my life when the twin flame reunion occurs.

You do not have to meditate with me at a certain time.  You do not have to meditate at all.  All you need to do is give me permission to include you in this meditation, to include your energy for the good of raising the collective consciousness level.  So blessings and love to you for taking the time to read these two long posts on how I meditate.  I hope it inspired you to laugh and to be happy!!


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  1. Thank you so much for this post! It came as an answer to my question of what is the best meditation for humanity and Earth that I can do. Thank you!!! I will do this meditation myself and please add my energy to your love bomb.


  2. Hi Andy, please add me to the love bomb list. I love your work. Thanks for sharing. You rock! Blessings & love, Meg B. in California


  3. Andy… I joyously add my intent to your beautiful love bomb… along with all these other dear souls. Such a privilege to be adding Energy. With a full heart! Dottie


  4. Blessings to you and all others participants , I’ve been looking for something like this , please add me , thank you so very much


  5. Hy Angy…Really like your post, even thought I dont follow any religion or groups. As I awake I know THERE IS Jesus Father and Father God. |….well something like that + the others | many names thought out the History of Planet Earth.
    Well … will pray for your Meditation, group.
    Happy weekend to come. Much love . V

    Valeria Ferriera


  6. Wowww.. loveee what you’re doing Andrew.. you’re truly inspiring!! I would be honored to be added to the Love Bomb! Much Loveee & Many Blessings,
    Laura S. New Hampshire


  7. Beautiful you…..My love and blessings I will continue to send to you throughout my days….I am currently on your love bomb meditation list…just wanted to msg you to send my love and gratitude xxx


  8. Thanks Andy, so glad to have found a meditation guide that involves all angels and gaia. I have been reading and searching for them all trying to understand it all 🙂 Please include me in the love bomb list.


  9. Eric Boston, from Fairdale / Louisville Kentucky Age 28, Virgo- .Thank you Andy for taking the time to write all of these awe and love inspiring words to help with meditation. It has made my heart seem bigger as I read both pages. I will practice more on mediation through the help you have gave me. I give you permission to use my energy in the Love Bomb to help. Ever since turning off negativity, such as, the TV, people, literature, sounds… I’ve just been enjoying nature 🙂 ❤ Namaste


  10. Thank you Andy for taking the time to write all of these awe and love inspiring words to help with meditation. It has made my heart seem bigger as I’ve read both pages. I will practice more on mediation through the help you have gave me. I give you permission to use my energy in the Love Bomb. It is interesting how much positive attraction has came to me in the past week, from turning negativity off by turning off the TV, not reading/hearing anything negative, or hanging with any person negative. Since then I have been enjoying natures beauty!


  11. I would like to join and participate as well, my name is Shana D. I live in Tehachapi CA, I have reason to believe that I am a starseed/light anchor, clairvoyant and healer. I give complete permission to give out my blessing and add me (name) to the list. It’s wonderful that you are doing this, just wonderful! Love to all – Shey


  12. Maja J., Slovenia, Europe…..
    Dear Andy. Thank you for your beautiful,beautiful meditation. Blessings to you,all your family,Please, add me to your list for Love Bomb.Namaste


      1. Thank you for adding me to the list. I live in AZ. USA
        I think this is very powerful.


  13. What an innovated way to a powerful meditation of love.
    Thank you for thoughtfulness and selfless service to all humans, celestials and to Gaia.
    Please add my name and energy to your wonderful endeavor.
    Big hug of Love and Light,


  14. Dear Andy,
    I have read all your work and so much has happened….Joy, Love , and I am sailing the same boat….Saint Germain is all the time living with me….Master Maitreyaji , Mother Quan Yin….and all I am surrounded by Christ Consciousness …Golden Energies all the Time…..
    I want to give you a Big Hug with my Unconditional Pure Love along with Light, and Peace…..sending Love & Blessings always….
    I am Grand reiki master also and A Theosophist & Philanthropist…..
    God is with You like me….and so no worries in Life….as God is taking care constantly….
    Dr. Sohini Shukla.


  15. Though you had my permission without the use of external technolgy i thank you for your respectful request. I give my permission and intend my love in support of this systems busting meditation. Please add my name DaVonn K. Nevada, USA
    We must and we are… you are! …breaking through the scars of darkness and fear with unconditional love and light. Thank you for your bold dedication and bravery my fellow warrior. Complete Transcendence.


  16. Hello,

    Please add me to your love bomb meditation. Thank you and blessings to you.

    Pamela – Canada


  17. Dear Andrew…This is truly AMAZING…Have shared this on my fb wall… You will see today’s posts on my wall are filled with your energies & posts 🙂 Deep gratitude to you for who you are and what you bring : Simplicity, Clarity & LOVE ❤

    A Million Blessings and may the LIGHT continue to shine on you and thru you !!
    Blessed Be ❤

    Lakshmi Bhatia
    Soul Spring Divine


  18. Andy thank you for everything . Really thank you for sharing your meditation with everyone . You can always count me in for the LOVE BOMB TO GAIA . There couldn’t be any thing as beautiful then sending my LOVE to GAIA ❤


  19. WOW !!! That ♥ Bomb is outrageous….!! Can I give you a suggestion… Plan with everyone who read your posting.. A date and time… so we can do it together.. Can you imagine the explotion of LOVE ♥ ☼ and Chocohugs!!!
    Lot of Love, Light and Chocohugs to all you read your posts !!!


    1. Thanks Rosa. The nice part is that we do not all have to do this together at one time due to the time zones. That of course does help. It is the intention that people give to include themselves in the meditation. That is key. I can take this intention if it is offered freely and include it in my meditation. I will set out another post that talks about this and also have a new link on the web site that has the names and a counter of who has given their intention to do this. Let’s grow this list and anyone that is meditating can include the people on that list in their meditation. There is so much strenght in numbers. At the same time, if someone does the meditation on their own, they can, as mentioned, include this list in this meditation and it is like all these people are meditating simultaneously. Energy follows your intention. This is what will help raise the mass consciousness as there is so much strenght in numbers and the effect of the meditation is amplified 1,000 + times. It really is that powerful. Blessings, love and chochugs to you Rosa…


  20. Dear Andy,
    What more can I possibly say about this reading experience and it is utterly unimaginable what the real experience would feel like:) You are really a blessed soul who shines BRIGHTLY leading so many like us to reach our destination that is to merge with ALL THAT IS of which each one of us is an integral part:) I am definitely going to stick to this beautiful,beautiful visualization calling forth all my BELOVED DIVINE BEINGS to bring the realization of LOVE & LIGHT that we truly are:)Like I mentioned earlier,you are a GOD sent messenger for me and I am much thankful for that.I would be honored if you could please add my LOVE filled ENERGY to your LOVEBOMB so it can explode with such shattering force that Mother GAIA is overflowing with it :)Thanks again,Friend:)


    1. Roopa, thank you so much for the beautiful words. They are so wonderful. Thank you again. Keep raising your vibration through laughter and joy and keep shining your beautiful light. You are truly, truly so loved. Many, many blessings to you and all of your loved ones Roopa…


  21. Thank you. Thank you from my heart. You truly truly have inspired me to meditate like you do, using Saint Germain, Archangel Michele, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Raphial and others like them to use their loving energies. Your testimony is so utterly jewel like. You shine so brightly inside my heart. Just reading parts 1 and 2 brought me to tears. The joy!! The love! The Energy involved! My hearts connection felt yours. It’s like magic. I never thought it could develop like you describe, I didn’t realise the imagination and intention is what is really doing it. I didn’t think our imaginations and intentions are the God given tools with which we all can entrust in to bring in the love. I am going to practice so much as a direct result of your postings. Such heart felt blessings to you.

    Love Leigh


    1. Leigh, I have not forgotten about you and your healing. Just been a bit busy. Your comments mean so much to me. Really, thank you. Yes, imagination and intention is key. Just BE, throuw the mind out, and flow and go where you will go. It is amazing. Really!! We are all so loved. Life is wondeful and I am so happy that my posts are helping you. Blessings and so much love to you Leigh…


  22. ooh la la. Love it! I would l love to contribute to the love bomb that you intend. Sending my love to Gaia and beyond. I was aware that Archangel Gabriel was with me this week. I was astonished but was certain. Wonderful, amazing things are happening in my life! So much love 🙂


    1. Ah, thank you so much for your comments. They mean so much to me. I am so happy that things are happening in your life. Life is so wonderful, so beautiful and so glorious. You keep shining your light Asetha as you are so loved by so many. Truly!! Blessings and so much love to you Asetha…


  23. Wow, Awesome, Thank you for sharing this it takes a lot to open up to all like you just did and do all the time………you can use and send my energy also,
    Thank you sooooo much for everything,
    I send love, light and abundance to you and your family and all life everywhere, I do this everyday,


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