Why Did I Not Get Healed (Or Did I)?

ConfusionEnergy healings work on your intention; the intention of the person providing the energy healing and the intention of the person receiving the energy healing.  For a successful energy healing to occur, the energies that are projected by the energy healer must be received and absorbed by the person that is receiving the energy healing.

However, what constitutes a successful energy healing is dependent on a lot of factors.  Every energy healing is successful to some degree if the energies are absorbed by the person receiving the energy healing.

After an energy healing, a person may say, “I am still in pain or that I am still smoking, or that I still have this problem or that problem.”  They may feel that the energy healing did not work.  I can assure you that if you absorbed the energies then the energy healing was a success to some degree.  The energies that you received will do for you what is in your highest and best good consistent with your Divine life path and the lessons you have chosen to experience in this lifetime.

So let’s look at an example.  Say someone has a physical problem; diabetes, physical pain, kidney issues, it does not matter.  And say that an energy healing is performed on that person by an energy healer.  After the energy healing, the person says that they still have this physical problem and that they do not feel better.  How could this be?  Did the energy healing not work?  There are a few reasons why this may be the case.  Here is my take on this.

1.    The person did not want to be healed.  You have to be receptive to the energies and believe that the energies will heal you.  If the person is not happy, relaxed or smiling a lot, this will block the energies and they may not be absorbed.  Believe it or not, there are people who like to be sick and have ailments.  They like the attention it brings to them.  They like being in group settings where everyone is asking them how they are doing.  It brings them attention and comfort.

2. You have karma that is being played out.  The healer cannot remove something that is karmic.  If you did something to someone in this lifetime or another that was not good, that karma may now be coming back to you in a physical ailment.  You need to repay this karma before you can be healed.  You are responsible for your deeds, actions, feelings and thoughts in this and past lifetimes.  You could be repaying karma from a past life that you are not aware of.

3. You have not learned the lesson yet from the physical ailment.  This goes in line with the karma issue discussed above.  There are no coincidences in life.  Everything and everyone in your life is planned.  And everything has a lesson attached to it.  The lesson may still be going on and not yet learned when the healing takes place.  Once the lesson is learned, your higher self will allow the healing to take place;

4. You may have not done the work after the healing. A healing is not a magic wand that will take care of you in a healing session.  The healing will help.  However, you have to do the follow-up work.  A healing will give you a push, some clarity, some perspective.  Or it can heal all of your physical and emotional issues completely.

Everyone is different in their life path.  You cannot resort to old ways after the healing for the healing to work for you.  For example, if you got into a fight with a loved one where words were exchanged, a healing will help release this hurt and allow for closure.  However, you have to make sure that you do not again get into a similar exchange of words in the future.

You have to take responsibility to make sure you change your perspective on future experiences and not resort to old third dimensional ways of living, doing and thinking.  You have to maintain your physical body and emotions in check in the future to keep your chakras and etheric body clean which will prevent physical problems for you;

5.   The healer may not have a refined energy body.  If the healer is a vegetarian and meditates a lot, they will have a refined energy body.  This will allow the energy to be projected to the person being healed, even if the healing is a distant healing.  If the healer is inexperienced and has not performed a lot of energy healings, the energies may not get to you as the heart and crown chakras of the healer may not be fully opened.

6. Additional follow-up energy healing sessions may be needed depending on the ailment.  If the ailment is severe, several healing sessions may be needed.  It is like going to a doctor for a follow-up.  One healing session will help, but one healing session may not cure cancer, for example.  It may be a work in progress, depending on the severity of the ailment.

7. The person being healed may have blocked the energies based on their belief system.  If you do not believe that the energy healing will do anything for you, then you are manifesting that belief and the energies will not do anything for you.  BELIEF that you will be healed and the desire to be healed is key!

8. You may be possessed by a being that may have died (usually a relative) that has not gone to the light and is hanging around you stealing your energies to survive.  If you are always tried, this may be the case.  You need to cleanse and shield daily and send loving energies and thoughts to the being so it can leave you alone and then you can get an energy healing.

9.  You have decided to experience the ailment.  It is much better to jump out of an airplane to experience skydiving than to read about this in a book. This is the same with your ailment.  If you have cancer, maybe you decided to feel that pain, to feel the discomfort, to feel the love from your loved ones watching you go through this.  Remember, every moment is a learning and growth opportunity.  And an energy healing may not allow the ailment to get better if you are not done experiencing this experience with the ailment.

These are some of the reasons that a healing may appear as being unsuccessful.  But remember that the healing energy has a consciousness of its own and it knows you probably better than you know yourself.  Thus, if the correct intent is there, and if the energies are absorbed by the person being healed, the energy healing will definitely do something for you.

It may not make you get up out of a wheelchair, but it may give you clarity as to why you are in that wheelchair.  This clarity IS the healing as it allows you to better understand your situation.  By better understanding your situation, it gives you closure and peace knowing why you are in this position and what lessons, if any, need to still be learned.

I hope this posting has shed some light of the effectiveness of energy healings.  Blessings and love to all of you and all of your loved ones…


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  1. Hello Andrew,

    If healing doesn’t work for someone, then how can they identify the issue(s) that they need to solve or to learn so that they can clear their karma or release their “certain negative energies” from previous past lives or current life? There are lots of reasons behind this. Your reply will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking your time!


    1. Mia, thank you so for your comments. If a person absorbs the energies from the healer, then the healing did work. If the energies are not absorbed because there is a negative being stealing the energies, then the person needs to cleanse and shield themselves to help eliminate the being. I had a recent post on shielding and cleansing. It can be found at https://healingandlove.com/2013/04/02/how-to-cleanse-and-protect-yourself/.

      Most of the time the energies are absorbed. I have done 63 healings and only one did not have the energies absorbed. And this was due to there being that was stealing the energies from them. So I told them to cleanse and shield and after 1-2 months, we would try again. Most people that want an energy healing believe that the healing will work and they are receptive and not block the energies. That is the key. Other than this one person, I have never had a healing not work for someone. And once the energies are absorbed, the energies will help them the way that is best for them. I hope this response helps answer sone of your questions. Blessings and love to you Mia…


      1. Hello Andrew,

        I’m kind of shocked and didn’t know that a being can steal the energies from them. Are these kinds of beings from 4th dimension who passed away? I thought they don’t need anything (like food, money) as they don’t have bodies to survive or something. I’ve heard some people said this kind of being can even possess someone else…


      2. These are beings that have died (usually ancestors) and have not yet gone to the light. hey may not be ready to go to the light and may not even know that they are dead. They need love in he worst way. They are ghosts in a sense and they ususally hang out and are really close to you. Like in the movie Sixth Sense. They can take your energy to survive. Most do not do it to be mean and most are not bad, but they need to go to the light, theny need to go home. If they take your energt, then it is hard to get healed as the projected energies are absorbed by this entity not the person getting healed. Thanks Mia and blessings and love to you…


  2. Fantastic and very clear !!! A Healing is a healing.. a relief in some way.. in some cases is not a full cure of the illness or situation… In case we still have some issues we must continue working on that… Very important that karma is also involved in this… Thanks Andy for another great post !! ♥☼ and chocohugs to all !!


    1. Thanks Rosa and keep spreading your love and light young lady. I thought of you as I bought me some chocolate with your chocohugs. You are now getting in my head. Oh Boy!!!


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